7 Reasons Why New Moms Should Join P101 Postnatal Program Instead of Gym

Rita’s Pregnancy 101 – Postnatal program
Rita is a child birth educator and has done a lot of study and research towards best health postpartum. Rita’s P101 postnatal program is comprehensive, which can help you in gaining fitness, happiness, satisfied babies and their families. Not only that, one loses weight at the targeted regions as well.

Why P101 Postnatal:
1. To regulate menstrual cycle,
2. Increase the supply of breast milk,
3. Overcome postpartum blues
4. Correct muscles are targeted to reduce diastasis Recti, loose pelvis and uterus,
5. Personal attention given to each moms for regular presence, measurements and achievements,
6. Like minded girls to connect to as P101 has a special batch for new mothers only,
7. Receive guidance related to breastfeeding, weaning diet for baby and diet for new mother’s

What happens at the gym to new moms?
1. May lose more blood in case of heavy work out,
2. Reduces breast milk,
3. Doesn’t help with postpartum blues
4. General workout may even damage your loose muscles which requires delicacy and special care,
5. Trainers are not specialists in post pregnancy needs,
6. Harder to connect with our regular gymmers,
7. No special post pregnancy expertise.

Rita Singha

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