Aesha’s Birth Story: Actually I can write pages on my experience with P101

To start off with I was introduced to Rita Pregnancy 101 at my hospital when I inquired for prenatal classes at the end of my 1st trimester. I have always been active throughout my studies-career and then pregnancy. So I remember talking to Kajal on phone inquiring about the classes and then meeting Geeta. The very moment I decided to join the classes. Though it seemed difficult for me to manage time from my office but I was pretty sure and so I joined which is one of the best decision I made for my pregnancy. I have attended all the info classes and that’s the reason I use to feel I am Pro and ready for the D Day. My whole family use to listen whether with interest or jabardasti whatever I use to learn from P101.

Actually, I can write pages on my experience with P101 but we have to cut short here. So I had a check-up on 22nd September 2018 Saturday Morning where doctor told that my cervix has not yet dilated nor baby head is down as needed for labour and my due date was 23rd September 2018 and didn’t want to take a risk so I bought time from him to wait for a week at least. I got so disappointed initially post meeting by doc but later I learned that we can get contractions any time & I was hoping to get contractions and Same Saturday night around 12:30 am I got Braxton contractions throughout the night.

In the morning I went for regular fetal heart rate check-up which they do once you are due. Doc said cervix is dilated 2cm only. So on Sunday night I got my actual contractions at same 12:30am at 10min apart and lasted for 45 sec or so. I had my mucus plug discharged around 4:12am with lil bloody show but I learned that there was some green brownish discharge along. I called Geeta as I was lil panic with thought that baby might have pooped.

She told me that you can wait and call doc in mrg. I called my Doc at 6:30am contractions were at same pace. So I bought more time and went to the hospital at 8:30am. He did internal check-up where again on his gloves I got to see same green-brown discharge so I was shifted to labour room saying that will break the water and see if baby has pooped than they won’t take chances but if not then they will induce.

My water broke naturally on labour table but I was sad to see that baby pooped so I was immediately rushed to OPD.

Throughout my c sec I was so chilled out n completely enjoying n waiting for my baby. And finally, at 10:49am I got my baby in my arms. That is d moment I cherish a lifetime.

I am really thankful to Rita Singha, Kajal and my most favorite to whom I look up to Geeta Solanki for making my whole journey so awesome. I have thoroughly enjoyed each moments till my D Day.


Geeta Solanki

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