What is a weaning diet?

After exclusive 6mth of BF, baby’s nutrition requirement increases so it becomes essential to start with top feed. It is called weaning diet.

You can get lots of information on the internet or in books regarding weaning food, how to start, what to give and what not. Entering into a new world of solid and new tastes and textures turns out to be a big step for the mother and the baby. You can get interesting recipes too.

But today we will talk about how your mind takes the word WEANING! Is it a big task, important work or just routine for you?

-My baby is not ready to open his mouth!

-I tried all the things but my baby is not eating.

– She likes only sweet food.

– He will not eat if I don’t give him my mobile to play etc.

These are the common statement we often hear from new moms.

What is the solution?

  1. Start enjoying feeding your child, its not a task! You are spending quality time with your baby.
  2. Eat with them- If you are hungry and your baby is taking more time in eating, without getting frustrated give him his own time and you eat your food along with them. I tell you, you’ll enjoy more.
  3. I don’t like spinach; so how could my baby eat this? Will he like bland food? Do not feed them with your liking. Give them everything, let them decide their liking or disliking.
  4. Feed your child with positive mind, my baby will love this food and he will eat it too.
  5. Appreciation- Everybody likes appreciation, give them big round of applause when they finish their food.
  6. Create your own games and stories its add joy in feeding time.
Rita Singha

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