Building a Family of Child Birth Educators Who are Helping Mothers to Have Safe and Healthy Pregnancy

I am a childbirth educator at Rita’s pregnancy 101. I was pregnant with twins. Because of all the knowledge that I gained after becoming a childbirth educator at Rita’s pregnancy 101 really helped me all through my pregnancy ( I wish I had this knowledge during the first pregnancy)

My doctor always said that she is a strong girl during my every visit. I believe that the strength I had was because of the prenatal exercises and meditation that I had been doing all through my pregnancy. It prevented the pregnancy-related discomforts like backache, leg cramps, etc.

Because of twin pregnancy, my due date was 23rd Jan instead of 22nd Feb ( full-term 40 weeks) as twin pregnancies doesn’t go till full term. During my last visit with the doctor on 9th Jan, my doctor said that babies have come down and I might not even go till 23rd Jan and my water bag might actually burst before that. So she gave me steroid injections on 11th and 12th Jan for maturing babies lungs in case such a situation arise.

On 13th Jan 3 am my water bag started leaking. Having prior knowledge helped me not to get panic and I stayed at home. I went to the hospital at 8:30 ie after 5 hours. All the nurses got angry that since I was carrying twins I should not have waited that long before arriving at the hospital. Since I knew the benefits of getting into natural labour, I chose to stay at home. Although I knew I am not going to have normal delivery as the previous delivery was through c- section and I was carrying twins this time.

My contractions started when I arrived at the hospital and they were coming after every 5 minutes. During this time I was doing my deep breathing. By the time doctor arrived they were 4 minutes apart and after that they started preparing me for C-section.

At 11:35 and 11:36 am on 13th Jan ( Happy Lohri) my beautiful daughters were born( Noor and Nirvi ). Having gained the benefits of the natural pains I was lactating well and could exclusively breastfeed my daughters and I am still breastfeeding them.

Thanks to Rita’s pregnancy 101 for building a family of childbirth educators who are helping mothers to have a safe and healthy pregnancy and a smooth journey into afterbirth.

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Shweta Seth

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