Can hypnosis help in pregnancy and birth?

Hypnosis is one of the areas that is misunderstood and seen in a rather limited perspective.

In actual fact, hypnosis is a means of bypassing the judgmental conscious mind and directly reaching a person’s subconscious. When a person is hypnotised, they are in a highly suggestible state, where habits & perceptions of things, people & situations can be altered. Clinical hypnotherapy is suppose to help the subject through guided visualization to install desired changes in behavior, thought and perceptions.


During pregnancy, hypnosis can be very useful during pregnancy as a technique for drug free pain management.  Pregnancy classes at in Ahmedabad, pregnancy classes in Surat and pregnancy classes in Chandigarh uses concepts of hypnotherapy to help pregnant women have easier pregnancy & birth. Some of the areas where hypnosis can help are:

1. Remove the fear and anxiety of pain during birth

2. Reduce the drug based interventions of pain reduction

3. Mentally prepares the woman to be confident during birth

4. Connect better with babies

5. Shortened period of thinning & dilating phase of labor

Antenatal classes offered by Rita’s Pregnancy 101 has incorporated the concepts of guided hypnosis into their prenatal program.

Rita’s Pregnancy 101 is the only facility in Gujarat that uses the hypnosis techniques at pregnancy classes.

Details of the pregnancy exercises program is at

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Rita Singha

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