Candle light meditation

Last week Tushita Rathod, a child birth educator from P101 Surat branch had organized Candle light meditation for our mumma to be. Yes, you read it right. Its Candle light Meditation not Candle light Dinner!! About 20 moms to be met their gaze with the individual candle to meditate over the period of half an hour to create an electrifying environment.

Candle light meditation for our mumma

When woman is pregnant she goes through a lot of physiological changes in her body which may disturb her emotional state at times. Meditation is one of the best way to deal with this challenge. But, meditation doesn’t come naturally to you. It requires a lot of practice of stopping all your thoughts temporarily and concentrate on one thing. What better option than a candle for this? Candle will also provide you light, energy and inner happiness which are required especially in this phase of life.

Along with physical exercise, a pregnant woman must undertake a spiritual session which she can connect herself with, not just for sake of it. Candle light meditation will be a regular feature of P101 program. While doing the candle light meditation we inculcate GarbhSanskar in the process. At Rita’s Pregnancy 101 we take care of all aspects and make a woman physically, mentally, emotionally and knowledge wise healthy. It’s been 8 years of the journey for P101 and has served over thousands of women in many cities India.

Candle light meditation

This is how you do candle light meditation:
Sit in a comfortable position in dark room. You may lit up some incense stick or oil burnerfor your favorite aroma. Now, lit up a candle, place it in front of you, take a few deep breath and then bring breathing at a comfortable pace to stare at. In only few moments you will not see anything other than the light of the candle. There will be time when you stop all your thoughts and it becomes hard for you to keep your eyes open, slowly close your eyes and get into a trans state. This is a beautiful, calm and serene state of mind. Stay in it until you are guided to come out of it. Rub your hands, place your palms on your eyes and slowly open them.

Tip: Ensure that the candle is at a safe distance for you not to get burnt.

Rita Singha

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