Contractions were too Fast with Hardly any Break. Meconium Started to Flow Out

So it was 18th March early morning 6AM.I had a Bloody show and as taught in class I did not panic. I thought my labor would start soon..So I had a nice shower, rechecked my hospital bag and waited till late morning when I went to see my doctor. My doctor said there was no dilation and the water level seemed to be less, so she called for a sonography in d noon. The water level was around 6.3 but rest all was ok so she let me go home and called for a checkup next day and said she wouldn’t be able to wait if the level goes further down.


In the eve I had little pain in d lower abdomen. Unable to judge what it was, I went for a walk. Walking seemed to be difficult than the usual days, but I continued.

I slept at night and the pain started again, but somehow I could manage to sleep in between the pains.


On 19th March I got up and had my breakfast and thought I would go for the checkup in d eve.. Around 12:30 – 1 again felt that the contractions had started..But this time the intensity was high..I told my husband n my mother in law to play sequence with me. We played a few rounds and the pains got more intense, I told my husband to help me do a few exercises n divert my mind and progress faster (taught in P101 classes). Pain increased and I went for a nice warm water shower, walked around the house to kill time and intensify the labor. Finally at 4 I realised I should leave for the hospital. We went to the temple and then reached the hospital. When checked I was already 4-5 cm dilated, and the doctor told me “You already fought more than half of the battle.”


Around 4:30 PM I was admitted n taken to the labor room, where again I was made to exercise. The staff got me a gym ball, I sat on it n relaxed myself and then did full squats. I was asked if I wanted to take epidural to which I refused. Between exercises I took chocolates, juice and massage from my husband..The pain was continuous.. Contractions were too fast with hardly any break. Meconium started to flow out, but by that time I was 10cm dilated. After some 15-18 pushes where I was nearly exhausted, my lifeline came in this world crying at 6:50 PM.


Thank u Tushita Ma’am for your unconditional love and support at all times, be it mental or physical pain. I don’t think I could be so strong headed when in pain, without your help. Also after the labor class there were so many changes in my husband, he became more calm n understanding and did not panic. Breathing techniques taught in the class were a boon at all times during the labor. I was also lucky to have amazing and motivating hospital staff and doctors during my labor, who helped me a lot. This journey wouldn’t have been the same without you n Rita’s Pregnancy 101. Thank u again for keeping me positive at all times.

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Tushita Rathod

Tushita is a passionate and enthusiastic child birth eductaor, who has received comprehensive training directly from Rita Singha at Pregnancy 101, Ahmedabad. She wants to make the right information available to the pregnant women, allowing them to make informed decisions. Working closely with the moms & dads to be, Tushita can make pregnancy & childbirth a truly healthy & joyful

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