Dipika’s Birth Story: I went for a walk even when I was in true labor.

I was just 4 days apart from my due date & I knew I can go in labor any time now.

It was 5 am when I found I had mucus plug discharge. But I didn’t have any spotting or pains so I went back to sleep. Later when I got up, I felt pain in my lower abdomen. But it was bearable, so I went with my routine and did all the exercises – stretches, squats & yoga.

After lunch, the pain increased, so I laid down in bed and started reading a book to divert my mind. I felt my first contraction at 3 pm. I had them at an interval of 30-40min.

At 6 pm, I called my hubby to come home early. At 7 pm, we went for a walk for an hour and started timing the contractions. They were 10-15min apart. I had my dinner at 8 pm and rested for some time. Then I took a warm water shower. I felt fresh and was ready for a walk for another hour.

At 10 pm the pains were bit increased & contractions came every 7min. By 11 pm, I informed everyone at home that we need to leave.

We reached the hospital at 12 am and contractions were 4-5min apart then. My gynec came to do an internal check and ruptured the membrane and my water broke. Now the contractions were more painful. I kept doing the deep breathing and my hubby helped by massaging the back. He fed me water and dark chocolates in between to keep up the energy.

At 2 am, I had 6cm dilation. The nurse said it might take about 4hours more. This broke my patience and I asked for the epidural. But my hubby kept diverting my mind and motivated me to do without it. He played the bhajans that I used to hear during pregnancy.

At 3 am, the pains were unbearable; the deep breathing didn’t help either. The nurse asked me to start pushing now. At 4 am, my gynec said that I was ready to go in the labor room.

By 4.30am, I was tired and wanted to give up. But my hubby kept motivating me by continuously appreciating and telling the progress. He played hanuman chalisa, as we believe in Lord Hanuman & it helped to create positive energy in the labor room. He told me the baby is crowning and just keep up for a few more pushes. Though that was not true, I was motivated as I believed it was near completion.

At 4.44am I heard my baby crying. I can’t believe, and then I had all the energy to cry and smile and talk and hold my baby skin to skin. Later I was able to breastfeed my baby. That is the moment when you feel that all those 9 months and all those pains are worth. You have your baby in your arms. Words cannot describe that feeling.

All this was possible for us because of the labor class at Rita’s Pregnancy 101. Hubby and I were well informed and prepared about all the process and pains that we faced then.

It was a lifetime experience for both of us and we think we made 2 best choices for our pregnancy – my gynec Dr. Jayshree Seth and P101.

We are heartily thankful to Geeta di and the P101 team for making it a happy & normal journey for us.

Kudos to you guys!!

Thanks & Regards,

Dipika Tiwari

Geeta Solanki

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