Do you know if your baby is alright in your womb???

A mother to be must plot baby’s movements to learn if her baby is fine…

Why Plot?  A pregnant lady must learn that her unborn baby is safe in her womb. By plotting baby’s movements, a mother to be knows that baby is healthy and kicking. Baby is getting lesser space as there is tremendous growth accrues in last trimester.  If baby is in danger, baby will move a lot more than usual is the sign when you can reach out for help. A lot of movements or no movements can be dangerous.

When should you start plotting? Usually it is recommended to start plotting moves after 34 weeks, but I would suggest you start a bit early, around at 30 weeks. This way you know your baby’s activity level as the movements vary baby to baby. so you can make decision whether you got too many or no movements according to your baby.


How to plot? Take any one hour of the day when baby is most active, usually after meals or when you are resting. You must get 10 to 15 moves in this one hour. If your baby is very active during this one hour these movements can be done in 5 minutes and some babies can take an hour. Either way it is ok. Each time baby moves; make a tick mark in your chart. Finish counting as you get 10 to 15 movements. The day you don’t get movements at your regular time, its time to be alert (not worried as baby simply could be asleep), eat something sweet, put an ice pack on your tummy just for short time and/or lie down. Any of these techniques will make some difference. If not, try all of the above in an hour or two. If no movements after few hours which is unusual for your baby, go to hospital for a check up. If something is wrong with the baby, baby can be survived if you reach for help in time.

Which movements should you count? Any movements like hick ups, kicking, summersaults can be counted as part of plotting movements. Sample chart is attached. You can make your own chart from the sample.

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