Doctor checked and told that we can have normal delivery in 5 to 7 hours


Hi Everyone, I am Tina, and here is my birth story. I delivered on 20th Nov. I was in my 38th week of pregnancy. On 19 Nov it was my birthday, I went for dinner and came back around 11 pm and slept around 12. At 12.30 I had the urge to pass urine like every day but when I got up from bed there was some leakage I was not sure if its some increased discharge, urine, or water bag leakage I was in doubt but I slept, and later at 3.30 again this happened, this time I was quite sure so in the morning at 6 am I called Neeru mam and she reassured me and suggested to wait for some time and then go to the hospital. Then I got ready, packed my bag, and went to the hospital at 11 am but there were no pains by that time. When I reached the hospital they examined me and induced me with medicines after 2 hours there were pains but the interval was not regular and at 4 pm doctor examined me and said now pains are CMG properly and everything is fine and we can have normal delivery in another 5-7 hrs. So I started timing pains. The pain was increased but still irregular.

We waited till 10 and the doctor again examined me and told me that Tina u are fully dry and you are not having regular contractions so we need to go for a cesarean. So we trusted Dr.shanujeet and went for surgery. I am fine and the baby is also doing fine. My birth story may not be very inspiring but my pregnancy was great and that was bcoz of Neeru mam’s yoga class. I was so calm during my full pregnancy and classes helped me to take the pains. Lamaze sessions and information classes by Neeru mam were very informative that educated me and my husband a lot as it is our first baby.

And guys don’t pre-decide anything in mind we should try for normal but it’s ok to have C sections if things are not in favor, At last, Thank you Neeru mam you are such a positive person I loved coming to your class 🙏

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Neeru Verma

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