Doctor Ran Some Tests To See If Baby Is Not In Distress

I was very excited to meet my baby and as I was 40 weeks pregnant, the doctor said everything is normal and we will have to wait for the pains to come. On 29th Dec 2021 at 9 pm, my water broke. I was prepared mentally for anything and everything. Doctor asked me to wait for 17 hours and come to the hospital after that and then they will put me on antibiotics and if there are no contractions by that time naturally, they will induce labor.

After coming back home, I felt my first contraction at around 11.45 pm and had the feeling that now it’s not that far that I will meet my baby. The contractions were mild and tolerable. On 30th Dec, 12 pm I reached hospital for the antibiotics. The doctor put me on antibiotics and asked me to time the contractions and when they reach the required level (3 contractions in 10 minutes), let them know and they will move me to the delivery suite.

On 31st Dec, around 2 am ( I had tolerated contractions for more than 12 hours) I was 3 cm dilated and was in active labor without the need for induction (the doctor said it’s a great thing that I have reached active labor without any induction). I feel that it was possible because I kept moving during the contractions ( bouncing ball, walking, squats, and early labor positions).

As I was really very tired of 14 hours of pain, I decided to go for an Epidural as it was becoming intolerable and that was the time I got 2 hours of sleep to get some energy. The pain was less but I started feeling all the pressure due to an increase in dilation. I kept using peanut ball as well when I was on epidural so that labor progresses well. At around 6 am I was 6 cm dilated but the baby’s heartbeat started dropping. Doctors were concerned and did some tests to see if the baby is not in distress. My baby showed a lot of strength with me and stayed strong and finally, a doctor checked that around 10.45 am I was completely 10 cm dilated and we started pushing as I was able to feel a lot of pressure. I knew that this is the last stage and then my baby will be in my arms, I started pushing and that went on for 1 hour. After 1 hour, I was too tired and the doctor decided to use suction to get the baby’s head out but that also required pushing. Finally at 11.43 am, I saw my precious baby girl and was instantly in love with her. All that pain that I experienced in the last 36 hours was gone in that one glance at my baby.

I just want to thank Srishti from Rita Pregnancy 101 for all the yoga and meditation classes that I was doing from 16 weeks onward and they have really made my body prepared for birth. This was not the way I had expected to go into labor but breathing exercises and meditation sessions helped me in tolerating the pain in a better way and focussing on the good part and keeping strong. She was also there and suggested tips that I can adapt during the contractions. I would suggest pregnant mommies be active in pregnancy as that is the best way to have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Joining Srishti’s classes in Rita Pregnancy 101 was the best decision I made during my pregnancy. I used to look forward to each day’s classes. Srishti is an amazing teacher and motivates you in case you face any issue or problem. She was always there to discuss anything more like a friend and we did a lot of fun activities during my pregnancy like drawing, Zumba, etc. I would highly recommend her as she made my pregnancy journey a lot more happier and easier😁

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Srishti Sengar

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