Does Eating Rasgulla Every Morning Help To Get A Fair Baby?

Every Indian mothers wish to have fair baby. They believe that by adding certain food items in the diet during pregnancy will make the fair skin of inner baby. Since Indian pregnant women follow many myths, they believe eating Rasgulla every day as well.

Rasgullas are made of Paneer, which is vital source of protein and beneficial to the pregnant women. However, intake of extra sugar may enhance fats during pregnancy days. According to AOCG committee, pregnant women should reduce their caffeine and sugar intake to minimum level.

Hence, eating Rasgullas and Paneer in the morning is okay but not the sugar syrup. Myths related to eating Rasgulla and fair baby need to be busted now. The Pregnancy Classes for expecting moms help in eliminating other food myths of getting fair baby.

Betel Leaf: In the rural parts of the country, many believe that regular consumption of betel leaf during pregnancy leads to darker and red lips of the baby. Scientifically, it’s bogus, of course – a myth.

Saffron with Milk: Indian women have a myth that ancient Ayurvedic research has found that the consumption of a little amount of saffron with milk or water can be useful to get a lighter complexion of the unborn child.

However, saffron is good for pregnant woman. It is a heaty food item. Hence, expert suggests consuming it in a small quantity.

Coconut: According to Indian belief, the intake of fresh coconut water and kernels helps the pregnant women to deliver the fair baby.

However, Yoga Classes for Pregnant Women suggest to intake coconut because it is full of vitamins and essential nutrients the help in the growth of expected baby. A research study claimed that coconut has a fat hardly around 2% in total so it is fully safe to consume.

Oranges and Fruits: Another myth is that consumptions of citrus fruits are beneficial for fair skin baby. No science has ever doubted about the goodness and benefits of citrus fruits as they are full of Vitamin C.

In fact, pregnancy and hypnobirthing classes in Ahmedabad, Surat, Chandigarh are now advising every pregnant mom to consume at least one whole orange during the pregnancy days.

In Nutshell
According to experts, the food does not determine the fair baby. In fact, the complexion of a child actually depends upon the genes of the parents. If either of the parents has a dark complexion, then child might get darker color by birth.

Rita Singha

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