Enjoy Exercises to Experience a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

Motherhood is an ultimate blessing in a woman’s life, and she should reach this milestone with a healthy body and peaceful mind. A woman’s body is naturally blessed to bear a child and provide for it in the womb, but one need to ensure that it is in the best position to be able to do that. Rightly said, human body is a temple and we must worship it.

We assist to keep you fit during the beautiful period of your pregnancy by offering the following benefits through Pregnancy Classes:

  • Make your body better prepared for labour, birth & after birth recovery
  • Prenatal exercises inspired by Yoga
  • Guided meditation to make your mentally stronger
  • Pain management

Pregnancy and Hypnobirthing
Hypnobirthing makes use of the powerful therapy of hypnosis to diminish the fears and tensions during the labor. Once, the unwanted psychological fears are removed, the hormonal balance is restored, making the labor process easier. Not only making normal delivery a more likely outcome but also keeps the mind and body of mother calm and composed, thereby reducing the chances of postpartum distress.

Yoga for Pregnancy
The ancient practice of Yoga allows a would-be mother’s body to accept and experience the changes happening within with utmost ease and relaxation. Yoga helps in that constant adjustment and compensation of the constant changes. We teach ways to stretch and strengthen those concerned muscles, which in turn help supporting the growing uterus.

Pre/ Post-Natal Classes
Along with imparting the correct modes of stretching and strengthening the changing body of a would-be mother through various Yoga interventions, we also provide an integrated set of services ranging from outlining balanced exercises, meditation, diet and nutritional guidance. After the delivery, customized dietary counseling is provided on a monthly basis as required.

Pregnancy Classes:Pregnancy changes the core structure of a mother’s body, wherein the core comprises of muscles encompassing, back and hips, and the mid-section. This helps new mothers to target the concerned areas and assist with symptoms like Diastasis Recti, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction and Postpartum Pelvic Pain.

Top 6 Exercises After Birth

1.Belly Breathing:
The regime involves allowing expansion and contraction of your stomach while actively inhaling and exhaling deeply.

2.Stomach Bracing:
Lie down straight on the floor facing the ceiling. Brace the stomach completely as if you were getting ready to hit in the stomach. This is your beginning position. Now, perform diverse movements and activities, for example, raising one arm at a moment to both gradually overhead or stretch both legs while lying and keeping the back flat on the floor.

3.Pelvic Tilt:
Lie on your back with your knees in a bowed position and place the feet flat on the floor or propped on the ball used in gyms. Support your stomach area and tilt your pelvis back by supporting your lower back once more into the floor. You may hold the position for five seconds for better results. You may repeat the set as per your convenience.

4.Yoga Boat:
In this activity, sit straight with folded knees touching the floor. Support your stomach, marginally lean your torso back while lifting your feet off the ground. Lift your legs lying parallel to the floor, back lying straight, and the hips placed at ninety degrees. Accordingly, broadening both arms forward in a convenient position, keeping your body balanced. You should then hold this position for at least thirty seconds for good results.

5.Dolphin Plank:
Put your elbows in a stable position on a gym ball, expanding your legs behind you. Put your stomach and hips on the ball keeping the back straight. You will require holding this position for at least thirty seconds.

6.Side Plank:
Here, you must lie on your side with the elbow putting under the shoulder. Stack your feet and hips and balance your center body. You are then supposed to lift the hips in a position that your body appears to be in a straight line. Do this for at least thirty seconds, continued by repetitions.

In this way, embrace Motherhood with a Healthy Body and a Hearty Mind!


Rita Singha

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