Few Exercises I Must Mention That Helped Me In My Labor

Listen to Your Body: That’s how I thought about prenatal yoga class and so I joined P101. This was honestly the best decision!! it helped me increase strength, flexibility and endurance needed for childbirth. It decreased lower back pain and nausea. My sleep Improved, my shortness of breath and stress was reduced and most importantly the risk of preterm labour reduced.

I must mention a few exercises that helped me during labour:

1. Malasana (garland pose): This is a good pose for hip opening. It also helps to widen the pelvis which makes childbirth easier
2. Duck walks: Strengthens hip muscles
3. Kegels: Strengthen pelvic floor muscles

Special thanks to Nikita ma’am for being a great mentor, friend and a guide through my journey of becoming a mother!

Hypnobirthing educated me which led to positive vaginal birth story.

To all of the new mommies to be, this is my birth experience with P101!

Giving birth was genuinely the best experience of my life and P101 enhanced it.
The pain started at around 11:15am (basically dilation of the cervix). I used the yoga ball like it was taught to us in the exercise classes and I played some background music.

This stage lasted for 1 hour after which I was taken to the labour room where my baby had started to descend. It begun with weak contractions and gradually increases to strong ones. During my stronger contractions I used the breathing techniques practiced in class. I was asked to push at the same time.

I finally delivered at around 1pm in the afternoon to a healthy baby and I was doing good too! I was so glad it was vaginal birth!

Joining P101 gave me good practice and genuine knowledge!

Many thanks to the P101 team and special thanks to Nikita ma’am!

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Nikita Panchal

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