Guun’s Birth Story: “All the techniques taught to me at Rita’s Pregnancy 101 classes worked like magic”

Let me start with the time when I first met Neeru Ma’am (My 5th month was about to end). I got her contact number from one of my aunty who is Neeru Verma’s friend (my aunty gave me very positive feedback about her and suggested me to join the classes ASAP) I called Neeru ma’am up and she asked me to come and meet. Next day my husband and I went to meet her in the evening and after talking to her we both felt really nice and positive. She told me to join that day only but I said will join from tomorrow because I have been very lethargic from the last few months. From the very next day to the next 4 months with her were mind blowing.

My self-esteem became very high and I was very enthusiastic. One more thing, I had severe pain in pelvic bone (sometimes it was so hard for me to get up) and with the help of yoga as suggested by her it all went away and i was perfectly all right. I am so much thankful to Neeru ma’am for making my pregnancy journey so beautiful. Trust me Neeru ma’am you are an angel.

Here goes the birth story:

It was 10 of May, I was in my 38th week. I had an appointment with my gynecologist and had foetal Doppler scan. After that my doc did my pv. And she said my cervix is closed yet. And another thing that my blood pressure was very high. She said if BP doesn’t get normal then she will induce me within a week and asked me to come after 5 days for blood pressure monitoring. I got really scared.

In the evening I went to Neeru ma’am and told her everything, she said it’s all anxiety so better keep calm do deep breathing n bhramari pranayama before going to doc. I did the same n it worked like magic. My bp was normal. Then on 16th may I had an appointment with doc and before going to doc I checked my bp (my bad) it was again high. We went to doc n she checked my bp and results were no surprise. My due date was 22nd of May but she asked us to get admitted on 19th of May (Though I was so eager and wanted it to happen asap but when doc told me to get admitted on 19th i became really nervous)

Anyways, 19th at 1 pm I got admitted to the hospital and at 2 pm my gynecologist started induction via medicines. After an hour minor contractions started. The mild contractions continued till 6 pm which were tolerable. Meanwhile I kept on walking and resting (as told by Neeru ma’am in labor session)

At 6.30 pm my doc did my pv she didn’t tell how much cervix got open(she was not looking happy) but I didn’t lose hope, I started doing squats with the help of my husband (He was a great support and he has to be else, I would have beaten the hell out of him)

At 7.30 pm my contractions were going high I was walking n sitting all the time. Major contractions begin and i got really excited but it was very hard to remain calm with all that pain. My husband was trying to divert my mind. He switched on the TV, played my favorite songs, and started walking with me. He even rubbed my back in active labor (It was all working great for me, I would like to give credits to Labor class and Neeru Ma’am)

At 9.30 pm doc came n did another pv said I was just 3 cm dilated. And by 11 I was 4 cm dilated. And from 12 am onwards my contractions were getting stronger n stronger with time.

At 1 am another pv was done my cervix was 6 cm dilated, I was so much in pain and started losing hopes and was yelling like anything because the pain was not at all bearable by then. I said to my husband sorry that I am giving up now but please let’s go for c section. My husband asked my doc what to do she said it will take time as cervix is 6 cm.

Then I told them I can’t bear the pains and I need an epidural. So I took epidural at 6.5 cm dilation at 2.50 am and at 5.30 am doc came for another pv she felt baby’s head and called her staff to take me to the labor room. At 6 am we became proud parents of our little princess. Seeing her face we forgot about the whole Labor process and she is truly a blessing.

Thank you Neeru Ma’am and pregnancy 101 for making this journey super beautiful and knowledgeable.

Neeru Verma

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