Health Tips: Monsoon Care For New-Born Babies

Once the monsoon season sets in, a mother has to take the maximum care of her infant. The rainy weather act as reproduction bases for mosquitoes and other bacteria that head the diseases like dengue, malaria and other bacterial infections. Ideally, every expecting mom should do some amount of reasonable yoga at prenatal classes to strengthen the muscles of her unborn child. This helps to build the strong resistance in the child.

Home remedies and DIY tips for baby care in monsoon:
After a scorching summer season, nothing seems more blissful than rains. However, for the newly born child, certain preventive care is also necessary as mentioned below.

  • Keep mosquitoes, insects, and flies away: Use herbal repellant like thyme and citronella, which works great for keeping the mosquitoes at bay. Likewise, making repellant using four parts of coconut oil with one part of citronella is magnificent to fight away mosquitoes. Parents can utilize herbal repellant incense sticks as well made from eucalyptus, neem, or even citronella essence prevents toddlers from the mosquitoes.
  • Oil Massage: When the climate is warm and humid, and fluctuates continuously, then apply a few drops of coconut oil, almond oil or pure ghee to your infant’s skin. It not only strengthens the bones and muscles but also makes the body warm and prevents skin infections.
  • Soothing mosquito bites: If in spite of all of these measures, your baby gets mosquito bites at all, then, application of fresh Aloe Vera gel on bite can give the baby relief. Parents can apply a small amount of honey as well, which has anti-microbial properties to prevent the infection.
  • Rashes and Itching: Rashes are common during the rainy season. So avoid your toddler from getting sweat. For this, you can keep the baby’s nappy open to clear out the moisture. Moreover, applying rash cream will help as well.
  • Ready stock of medicines: As the prenatal classes or the pregnancy classes for women advice, taking the child to the pediatrician for a checkup before the monsoon is vital. Have medicines handy so that the baby does not face any problem during the monsoon.

There are many of these things that every parent can learn from the postnatal classes these days to ensure their baby remains healthy and happy in all seasons. Keep the newborn warm and indoors as much as possible during the rains.

Rita Singha

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