Home Remedies for Cold and Cough During Pregnancy & After Birth

A mother is a most popularly worried person in the house when her child is ill, she has crazy scary dreams and the ride towards the hospital (if need be) can be a ride in a tornado. Even though I feel really fortunate toHome Remedies for Cold have a wonderful doctor for my son, I would like to visit Dr. Solanki as less as possible. He is humble and soft spoken yet I feel I should see him fewer times in a year. For that I need to take care of my kid’s health; be it new moms or mothers with two or more kids or mummas with teenage kids- all know changing weather brings in a great fluctuation on your baby’s body temperature and often results into cold, cough and fever. There are travel plans scheduled or even fat Indian weddings to attend. There are various school days they don’t want to miss and even lunch date you are really looking forward to yet that one big sneeze or a little runny nose worries you like the share-market just toppled in 20mins like it never happened in its 20year history. That’s how mothers are and often various ointments and medical commercials on television and internet target on.


So as a 22 month old mother (add in 9 more months if the three trimesters count) I am listing my it-works-all-the-time tips on avoiding cold and seasonal cough and if they do sneak into those red little reindeer noses what are the instant home remedies for the same.



Note- if you are not in India and reading this, please search for a nearby item in your local grocery that serves the same purpose as mentioned in the recipes below.

  1. A close friend Monica Chokshi Patadia hailing from Nasik often finds it’s difficult to keep her two kids at a safe distance from runny nose and sore throats due to the cold weather there. Every year once winter starts she makes a paste of sooth, ghee, jaggery and ganthoda churning it into a fine paste and storing in a tin. The fancy shiny tiHome Remedies for Cold 5n goes into a shelf or fridge and is seen every morning at the breakfast table. Both her kids have one spoon each every morning and all through winter they are safe from falling ill.Home_remedies
  2. Similarly once you see the change in weather is causing occasional sneeze or cough; give your kid that ultimate tulsi (basil) leaf miracle. Basil is a miracle plant and helps in lots of ways. Crush some leaves-say 6 to 7 of them (washed under running water prior to this) with a pestle in a bowl that’s heat resistant. Now put that bowl on stove flame for a couple of minutes. Remove it from the flame when you see it bubbling and with the help of the spoon press out all the liquid into another utensil or medicine cup. With a spoon/syringe or medicine glass feed it to the child. You will see some change in the potty color which means it’s working from within and cleansing the body from all the mucous that’s stuck to the lungs.
  3. In case u have a basil plant already at home or at the kind neighbor’s place you may want to pick out leaves and make a kadha/ukado or the flavored milk that seizes all cough and drains it next morning. The following recipe makes one glass of ukado (as we gujjus call it). In a milk pan add 25ml water, and add into it half a spoon of sooth, just a pinch of black pepper powdered, a pinch of turmeric or more if you prefer the taste, half a spoon of ganthoda and a pinch of salt. Let it all boil in water and once it all bubbles add a bunch of tulsi leaves, a spoonful of sugar and a cup of milk. Let it all boil, and let all the water part get evaporated. Now you will have the thick milk texture, you may let it boil more or strain it into the same cup and let it cool down before you pour it in your kid’s sipper or a mug (as preferred) . It will sooth the sore throat and if given right before bedtime all the mucous and dirt will drain out in the diaper the next morning.



Home Remedies for Cold 64. One more very effective home remedy to cure congestion in the nose while the baby is asleep is to apply nilgiri aka eucalyptus oil easily available at ayurvedic stores to the neck hemline of the childs clothes and sides of the pillows where the child would breathe it in, and even the sides/rims of the blanket. This will help keep the nose clean and avoid blockage at nights. However excess of this oil also creates rashes on the inside of the nose since baby’s skin is sensitive. So use just one capsule at a time or as suggested by the chemist..

You may also cure congestion or blocked nose by purchasing a vaporizer.

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5. One very awesome remedy is to burn elaichi and strain it in milk and give it to the kid. This however helps cut down cold and not cough. You may read the whole recipe pic by pic here.

http://awomansays.com/keeping-cold-bay.html Remedies for Cough

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Kunj Ganatra

Kunj Ganatra

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