How to perform Garbh Sanskar?

As I conduct sessions of child birth education for new moms at Rita’s Pregnancy 101, I get many queries of different sorts…. One being… DO U CONDUCT GARBH SANSKAR SESSION AT P101?…. I say YES WE DO… and then the expectant mother comes to us for Garbh sanskar sessions..

It’s strange that they feel in that one hour they are going to provide all that needed to know by the baby in the womb and it’s going to help them bring birth to a Super Baby…

I then have to explain to them what GARBH SANSKAR is…

It’s not enough to spend one hour each day or one day a week… you need to put in Every Single moment for those 9 months that baby is in your Womb…

Garbh means foetus and Sanskar means educating the baby per once belief and religion in different ways.

What I suggest:

Communicating with the baby in the womb is very crucial part of Garbh Sanskar. It may sound weird to some and I do get questions about it but remember the baby listens to you and feels mother’s feelings when in the womb…

Talk to baby every day.. Give all the information u want to your baby loud and clear so the baby can hear it . Thinking it in your mind is not going to reach to your baby. Dont worry about what people around would say, in fact encourage the family members to talk to the baby too.. Trust me baby would love it and the bonding that She/He would have with the person regularly talking to her in the womb would be amazing.

Listen to good calming music, mantras and shlokas, not only will it calm the mother but also the baby. Music helps in development of body, mind and soul of the baby inside the womb per ancient beliefs and Vedas.

Read good books which promotes positivity in mother that will keep her happy and so in turn the baby would be happy. Good reading will keep negative thoughts at bay and thus a Happy mother will give birth to a happy baby.

Eating good food is also a part of Garbh sanskar as it helps the baby to get proper nutrients for better growth of mind.

How people treat you and how you are treating others also contributes to Garbh Sanskar.

Control all your senses, because you never know what will impact your baby (in fact, everything will).

To conclude I would say everyone wants a happy and healthy baby and that’s possible if Mother’s state be it Emotional, Physical or Spiritual is taken care off and as mentioned above and since we have the awareness to it, let all the pregnant females reading this blog take the opportunity to impart good and positive thinking (sattva guna) in their babies from inception for an amazing next generation to come.

Deepal Chokshi

Child birth educator at Rita's Pregnancy 101 Panchwati centre, Ahmedabad.

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