I Felt Something Was Wrong


In one word if I have to describe my pregnancy journey it was magical..

I was feeling quite low in my first trimester due to covid, lockdown, and nausea, so I decided to add some activity to my pregnancy journey. When I came across the Instagram profile of Rita’s Pregnancy 101, I got excited and immediately enrolled myself. Riddhi mam has been my been like a friend, and support during this entire journey. Waking up with joy at 7am to exercise is something I have never experienced. People were shocked to see me exercise so easily till the 38th week of my pregnancy!

Especially the mediation sessions when you are stressed out due to work were a bliss.. I had built a connection with my baby due to those sessions. As they say baby learns in the tummy. We would chant, humm spiritual songs during the sessions.

I was induced labour in my 38th week and everything was as planned, I called up ridhi mam asked for all exercises and was full of positiveness. After 8 hours through labour I felt something was wrong, my doctor said heartbeat looks fine so we could wait longer, but my heart said my baby wants to tell me something.

We decided to go for c-section and came to know the baby was tangled in the umbilical cord and had excess fluid so this was the best decision at the right time.

But I can’t believe my recovery has been so good as I focussed on my prenatal health and exercise and Healthy mother means healthy baby.

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Riddhi Palkhiwala

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