I shouted with joy: “I did it!”

Being an only woman in my home, with all the responsibilities, when we planned for a child,
we thought on so many things about how we are going to tackle with another responsibility and I am very happy to say that joining P101 is one of the most important decision we’ve made during our journey..

Hi, I am Nidhi H. Varma from Bhuj-Kachchh, Gujarat. My parents are settled in Ahmedabad, so after my baby shower, I came to Ahmedabad for my first delivery. Before coming to Ahmedabad, I attended a free seminar on Garbh Sanskar in Bhuj. I also had a talk with many of my cousins regarding exercise, yoga, meditation classes which they did during their pregnancy and had a wonderful experience. One of my cousin is a Gynecologist in USA, told me about Lamaze Breathing techniques, which they are using there for normal deliveries.
So I started searching for prenatal classes in Ahmedabad. I came across Rita’s Pregnancy 101 via Facebook and one of my cousin’s sister in law also recommended for the same as she attended the classes during her pregnancy and was very happy with it.
My husband also was impressed seeing the P101 website and told me to join the same.
I would like to say that P101 is not only a prenatal class with all the sessions about information, yoga, exercises and meditation but it is a memorable journey for me. I enjoyed each and every moment of my pregnancy and entered into the world of motivation and pleasure. Nikita Panchal (my childbirth educator) is a lady with great enthusiasm was very motivating and helped me whenever I needed, 24×7.
On 30th Jan 2020, at 5 in the morning, I felt that my water bag has started leaking, but I wasn’t completely sure. At 9:30am, I called my gynec Dr. Shraddha Shah and went for a checkup. She told me that my labour has started and all the signs are good, asked me to note for the duration and interval between each contraction. She also talked with my husband and he departed as soon as he could from Bhuj. She sent me back to the home and asked me to visit her once my husband arrives around 5 in the evening.
By 5 o’clock, the contractions became stronger, we went back to her, but my cervix wasn’t dilated much yet. We were asked to get admitted by 8:30pm.
Due to prolonged labour phase, my gynec decided to get some help from medicines to speed it up.
By 11:00pm, contractions were so strong; it was getting difficult for me to bear the pain. I was vomiting also, which is a good sign.
I tried to use breathing techniques and my husband helped me throughout with hypnobirthing techniques we learnt from our hypnobirthing class by Rita Singha. It helped me a lot to cope up with pain and in saving my energy for the pushing stage.
Around 3:50am, my gynec decided to shift me to the labour room as my cervix was fully dilated.

As my husband is also a doctor, she allowed him into the labour room with me to support me.
With all the help and motivation and help from my husband, my will to deliver normally and hard work of Dr. Shraddha Shah throughout the night, my baby girl arrived at 4:07am on 31st Jan 2020.
I shouted with joy: “I did it!”
I am really thankful to my gynec Dr. Sharaddha Shah who understood me & motivated me for normal delivery. I thank Nikita Panchal, Geeta Solanki and Rita Singha for all the encouragement, enthusiasm and teachings they have provided. I could not have done it without Pregnancy 101.

I highly recommend to all the preggers out there to join Rita’s Pregnancy 101, to make your journey from planning to birthing, a wonderful experience..

Nidhi H. Varma

Learn more about pregnancy, baby care & breastfeed related information and pregnancy classes visit our website Rita’s Pregnancy 101

Nikita Panchal

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