I thought I had no pain threshold and normal delivery was no chance for me

Due to certain medical restrictions I was supposed to have a planned delivery anytime after the 36th week.

So during my 37th week checkup Dr Seema Sharma suggested to get me admitted the same night! I was a little confused and not fully ready! Also, I was thinking about how one should stay at home during labour. This was the complete opposite of what I learnt at the Lamaze session so I asked my doctor whether I could exercise in my room and could be as mobile as possible, to which she was very supportive!

During that afternoon I took castor oil hoping my labour pain would start naturally and within 2 hours, I started feeling very uneasy and thought they might be contractions!

I reached the hospital at 9:30pm
And I was induced at 11pm

I started getting light pains but bearable and started noting the time!
Every few minutes I felt very weird cramp type of pain and had to inject a medicine to relive that! (This was the weird pain that castor oil was causing).

As my pain increased I kept walking, sitting/bouncing on the ball, and practised various other exercises learnt at the classes!

I was told that contractions come every few minutes and then the interval decreases but I was experiencing them every 2-3 mins around 3 am wch i thought was very early and soon I got to know I was only 1-2 cm dilated!

Around 5am my pains increased a lot and I was contemplating on taking epidural!
But I somehow managed without it! Thanks to my husband who encouraged me seeing the way I was handling the contractions.

Between 5-9 am the contractions increased a lot and every time I used to get one I used to keep bouncing on the exercise ball (funny but it helped me a lot ).

My husband and sister were with me thoughtout and supported and entertained me a lot!

Around 9:30am I could feel it happening and that I wanted to push! And I started shouting.
Finally at 10 am I got to see my Beautiful baby girl Ivaana and suddenly I forgot all the pain!
It’s the most beautiful feeling one could ever experience!

A little inside:

I thought I was very weak and had no threshold for pain and that normal delivery was like a no chance for me at all!
I joined Neeru ma’am’s classes during my 7th month and being a gym freak I was taking it easy as if it’s just plain exercise!
But it was a game changer since the exercises and mediation classes trained me a lot physically and mentally and I wanted to give normal delivery a try and then just leave it to God!

Dr Seema once gave me some example of how her patient “beautifully pushed “ and that exercise helped her a lot.

A week after my delivery, I had to visit her for my check up and she told me “I should suggest Neeru to take couple counselling classes as well and that you two should be motivational speakers, you did a wonderful job and I’m proud of you “

I will never forget this!

So thank you so much Neeru ma’am for all that you’ve done for me. You’ve been like my guiding angel!
Thanks a ton!

And to everyone else here, trust me.. knowing myself, if I can do it, anyone can do it! 💕😍

Just go with the flow, keep exercising keep meditating and be at EASE!

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Neeru Verma

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