I Was Induced With The Pains For The 3rd Time

On the 10th morning at 4:30am, my water broke and I got into labour. I was pretty calm thanks to the Lamaze class. I was tracking the contractions and managing the pain. Around 7:30am the contractions stopped. There was a little blood in the discharge. That’s when I woke up my husband. We called my doc up and she asked me to go to the hospital.

All thanks to Neeru ma’am’s classes I didn’t panic. We reached the hospital by 9am. I was admitted immediately. I had dilated 1cm. They gave me a tablet to induce pains.

I couldn’t feel any pains so I slept for some time because I hadn’t slept all night. At around 12pm I was given another tablet to induce pains. Now, I started feeling the contractions. I was managing the pains by jumping on the birthing ball and doing various exercises taught by Neeru Ma’am. We lit up scented candles and played some good music. My husband and I were dancing, excited to welcome our baby. At around 2pm my doc came and checked. I hadn’t dilated further and my baby’s head hadn’t descended. I was induced with the pains for the 3rd time. The pains got stronger. At around 3:30 my doc checked again. I had dilated 1.5 cm only. So she took the call for a C-section.

I was taken to the OT at 4pm. At 4:31pm our lives changed forever. We were blessed with a baby girl. Her name is Saira.

Thank you Neeru Ma’am for connecting me with my baby, months before she came into this world. You’re a blessing for all of us. You prepare our body and mind for something which seems impossible at the beginning of this journey. You give us so much strength and courage. I had a really healthy and happy pregnancy. I can’t thank you enough 🙏❤️

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Neeru Verma

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