I was on a Liquid Diet, and My Baby was 4kgs

Ever since I conceived I had million questions related to post pregnancy and baby care. Topping the list was breastfeeding. I joined P101 in the starting of my second trimester.

 I happened to meet Nikita there who became my childbirth educator. I couldn’t have survived my pregnancy so smoothly without her support, love and care. Breastfeeding is challenging yet beautiful in ways I can’t express in words. Due to complications, I had a C-section and from the first day itself doctors and nurses at hospital insisted I give my daughter top feed otherwise she will starve.

 Plus her demand was more since her birth weight was 4kgs! With me being on a liquid diet due to operation I considered giving top feed but only twice a day that too just for first 3 days. 


From the 4th day till today she is exclusively on Breastfeeding and she is the healthiest child with amazing weight gain. Nikita always told me that your body knows what and how much your child needs so don’t worry. I’m a first time mom and I’m learning each day but in this short period if I know anything about being a mom then it’s that that the best thing you can do for your child is to Breastfeed him/her.

Thank you Nikita for your constant support, love and care. And thank you Rita’s Pregnancy 101 for this beautiful program

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Nikita Panchal

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