It is through breast milk that a baby stays connected to her mother, her source of all power, after coming into this world

Breastfeed is the closest source for a mother to be with the most important part of her – her baby.

While I prepared myself to embrace this journey with all the love in my heart, I was not prepared for what came as an unwelcome surprise – a painful, plugged duct in my breast.

Let’s reverse this story a few months.

I couldn’t have been happier with my pregnancy, with the way it was progressing in P101 (Rita’s Pregnancy101).

With expecting mom-friends, fitness directed yoga, informative sessions & hypnobirthing practice, I imagined nothing going wrong with my birthing.

And nothing did go wrong, except the part where I underwent 13 hours of active labour to have a normal delivery.

But all was forgotten the second my child nurses my milk.

It was heavenly.

I had been informed of the importance of the first breastmilk intake by a baby immediately after birth. But to experience, my newborn child so close to my heart was a feeling hard to put words to.

It was a few days into my delivery that the plugged ducts started to act up.

At first, I did not understand why my breast hurt.

I got in touch with Geeta at P101, without hesitation, as she had always been approachable with regards to any baby-care query.

It was comforting to have someone in such a time of need who could assist me correctly when everyone around was clueless about what was going on.

I spoke with my gynecologist, my pediatrician and I even consulted a lactation expert.

I was advised by the lactation expert to keep my breastfeeding cycle on, but it was so, so painful, I used to cry every time my child latched on to my breast.

The only thing I did not do is give up.

I had come to know immense benefits about mother’s milk through my journey with P101; there is literally no substitute for mother’s milk in a baby’s life.

With tricks & techniques advised by many doctors, I massaged & eased my pain while continuing to feed my little one.

Maybe my child learned to latch better with time or maybe the massages helped clear out the plugged ducts, but whatever it was, the pain subsided over time.

I went on to feed my baby up till she was over 21-months old.

I am really proud of this today, as my girl is growing up wonderfully.

She connects with me amazingly well.

She is responsive to my touch even in sleep.

She has a strong immune system and is quite healthy overall.

I will keep realizing the benefits of having nurses my child for long as the years go by and she continues to ace in health.

My advice is plain and simple – It is through breast milk that a baby stays connected to her mother, her source of all power, after coming into this world. The longer this connection stays, the better a child develops.

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Geeta Solanki

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