It was just 5 Pushes and I got my Baby in my Hands

My husband was arriving from Japan to India (via Delhi to Surat) as we stay in Japan, I came here to Surat for delivery & near about my EDD my husband booked his tickets to India so that we can be into the labor together as firstly I needed my husband support utmost. So it was like I competed my 9th month and it was 3 days plus, in the evening 8:30 p.m my Sister in law and I both went to Surat Airport to pick my husband up. When I reached Airport it was raining so heavily. We came back to our home at around 10 p.m . After we reached our home, I had a tea with castor oil for the first time, after we had some quality time with family and then we slept. By that time our baby was moving inside my tummy & my husband was enjoying that period of time

Next Day…..

This was the date I actually wanted my baby to get into this world, as this date seems really a unique one 19-09-19 and also my husband was arriving on 18th. I also had a baby talk which really helped me alot, I always requested my baby to arrive after his/her father comes “ Baby,  wait for papa to come& we will be going to the hospital together & will come back with the little baby (you) in our arms.”

When we went for sleep on 18th night/19th early morning, my husband slept for a while, but I didn’t get a sound sleep as something inside my tummy was happening I was not getting the exact idea, but suddenly in midnight at around 1:30 a.m I started having contractions & it was in the interval of 30 mins,  this continued till 4 o clock,

At 4 amI called my cousin and explained her in what situation I was in and asked her whether this was the true contraction or the false one, so she also guided me the best way, after that the contractions  was for every 15 mins, I still waited and just was informing my husband about the pain & he kept a count on the interval of pain , as I shared each & everything Tushita ma’am taught us in P101 classes &I was so happy that he remembered each & every point which was very helpful. Throughout the time I was continuously visiting the washroom & for the entire time he kept a check on me whether I am alright.

At 6 o’clock my contractions were in 10-10 mins of interval so we decided to get once checked by the doctor so I again had the tea with castor oil in the morning before going to visit doctor & I also informed doctor on phone about the contractions& we went to the hospital, as soon as we reached hospital, my pain just vanished as it was cold pain in  5-5 mins of interval as nurse informed me, & so doctor called me up & suggested me to either stay in the hospital or go back home n have some breakfast n come again when pain arises, so after the chek-up I decided to go back home. I was having breakfast in the middle of this, suddenly again my contractions started & in the interval of 5-5 mins and this contractions were more stronger contractions than previous one,  I still waited for 15-20 mins, I did bare the pain, I had done some exercises like squatting, walking and breathing at home. While walking I noticed my water broke, but we were totally ready for this & didn’t panic at all, My husband called the auto & we went to the hospital.

At 11amI was admitted to the hospital in the labor room. Dr. Monika ma’am came n checked me and she informed me I will be delivering my baby till 5 o clock in evening as my cervix was just 2 cm dilated & during that period I was with my husband & my MIL. My husband was supporting me with everything happening in the labor room. Truly both supported me alot. My contractions were getting heavier in the interval of 2-2 mins. In between I was continuously visiting the washroom for urinating & felt my nature call &I had an urge to pass the stool which had the same feeling as if baby’s head will come out if I pass the stool. I was also getting cramps in my legs and my husband was pressing my legs n also supporting me with chanting ‘Navkar mantra’ & my MIL was beside me pressing my head & giving a light massage in my hairs. I was instructed not to push right now soI didn’t pushed (as this can hurt baby’s head). I did not screamed as suggested by cousin sister & taught in P101 (u can lose your energy by screaming loudly, better save it for the actual time of pushing& for your baby to come into this world safely), I just had some breathing exercise. I also had jaggery water which gave me alot of energy.

Later pain was getting more heavier & nurses told me to push,so I started pushing, I was pushing with all the efforts & positivity in my mind & body as I was going to have my little baby soon in my hands .

It was just 5 pushes and I got my baby in my hands at 1:08 p.m in afternoon & last push was for the placenta to move out of the body who played most imp role for my baby who was in my tummy &i was the world’s lucky mom when doctor called up yeah “ITS a GIRL” after that i screamed so loudly with happiness all around. I was like laughing & crying it was so mixed emotions, but I swear it was worth it



  1. Just trust yourself, your partner & your baby ,
  2. Have lots of baby talk & actually that helped me alot in my entire pregnancy.
  3. My every visit to Dr. Monika was so positive she kept me worry free & replace my negative thoughts with the positives ones
  4. Joining P101 was the best best thing ever happened to me. Ireally feel the things taught in the classes like the Exercises, Yoga, Meditation..everything worked wonder for me. JOIN THE P101 CLASSES.
  5. The output (my baby) is same as I had a pictured in my mind.
  6. Be positive & don’t lose hopes for the normal delivery.

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Tushita Rathod

Tushita is a passionate and enthusiastic child birth eductaor, who has received comprehensive training directly from Rita Singha at Pregnancy 101, Ahmedabad. She wants to make the right information available to the pregnant women, allowing them to make informed decisions. Working closely with the moms & dads to be, Tushita can make pregnancy & childbirth a truly healthy & joyful

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