Khyati’s Birth Story: I was very determined to give my 100% to prepare my body for normal birth

Though I could join the classes little late only in my 7th month I was still very determined to give my 100% and prepare my body for normal delivery.

So the due date given to me was 15th October 2018. I had a visit to my gynac on 12th October and she told me that fluid levels were very good and so we could wait for normal delivery. She asked me to meet her on 16th directly if labour did not start until then. Though my due date was 15th I did not have any pains until 16th. So as per the appointment, we went to the doctor on 16th morning around 11am. Doctor checked me and said that fluid levels are still very good and we can wait for 1 more day and then go for the induction of labour. I was really thankful to the doctor who was ready to wait normally even after the due date had passed.

We came back from the doctor after a checkup on 16th around 12 noon. Then had my lunch and then around 2.30 pm I started having little pain. Till the time we could figure out it was already 5 minutes apart and lasted for 30 seconds and I also had little bloody discharge. So we immediately called up the hospital and reached there by 3.30 pm.

I was admitted and the doctor came and checked me around 3.45 pm and she said I was already 3 cm dilated and the delivery will happen within a maximum of 5 hours. Then during interval check up nurse came and asked me that whether I was doing household work or what as she had not seen till now any case with first delivery wherein labour hours would be so less. She said a minimum of 10 hours was what she had seen. I told her I was doing prenatal exercises squats and walk. Till 16th October morning, I had done all the exercises as well 1 hour of brisk walking. Also throughout the labour phase, I was doing breathing exercises which were taught by Geeta Mam. Again the nurse was surprised as to I knew the breathing techniques. She told me it’s good that u know usually, we have to teach patients how to do it.

Around 7.30 pm I was almost ready for delivery but suddenly my contractions reduced and baby’s heartbeat starting reducing as well. So the nurse called the doctor immediately and I was rushed to labour room wherein I delivered 3.5 kg baby boy normally at 8.22pm. The doctor had to use forceps as the cord was entangled little around baby due to which baby’s heartbeat was reducing.

Lastly, I would like to thank Geeta mam my doctor and my family for all the support and guidance. Labour experience was not at all difficult how people make it sound. It was such a beautiful and easy experience for me and it was shortened so less due to regular walks and exercises. Kudos to P101.

Geeta Solanki

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