Margi’s birth story: I am indebted to Pregnancy 101 Team for my healthy baby boy!!

Hi! I am Margi Panchal. I joined the Law Garden branch of Pregnancy 101 from the 4th month of pregnancy. I was detected with high blood pressure in my 9th month of pregnancy. Also, the 9th-month sonography revealed that I was having grade III placenta calcification and there was a cord-loop around the neck of the baby. Looking at the complications involved, gynecologist advised me to go for a planned c-section. I was so much scared of operation procedure and I was really not ready to go for a c-section delivery. Meeti ma’am boosted my confidence and motivated me to choose a safe delivery option for baby, rather than taking a chance of normal delivery. I followed her advice and had a planned c-section on 15th April 2019.

Today I am so glad that got the right advice on the right time and delivered a healthy baby boy. Also, I had a quick recovery post-c-section due to regular exercises during pregnancy. I was back to my normal routine within 15 days of surgery.

I am really very much Thankful of Meeti Ma’am and Rita ma’am for their excellent support during my pregnancy. It was my 1st pregnancy & I had so many confusions and questions regarding pregnancy. Meeti ma’am always attended my each and every doubt & she was always there to ensure a healthy pregnancy of her each student. Each & every information regarding pregnancy is provided in info sessions at pregnancy 101. All the exercises are carefully designed to minimize pregnancy complications. Meeti ma’am is very much dedicated to her work & remembers all the pregnancy details of her each & every student. Her instructions are very specific for each & every student. I have really enjoyed the journey of pregnancy because of Meeti ma’am. Even after my delivery Meeti ma’am is still guiding me to manage the postpartum issues. Words are really not enough to thank you Meeti ma’am. I am indebted to Pregnancy 101 Team for my healthy baby boy!!

Meeti Shah

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