Is Meditation During Pregnancy Helpful?

When I first realized I was pregnant I had wasted 3 pregnancy test kits and saw 3 doctors. I had not planned to get pregnant and had no thoughts of carrying a big belly rumbling and kicking inside for atleast a couple of years. But this happened and it was a happy yet disturbing event. It is so for many other women too; I know hundreds of mommies and three out of every ten told to me about how the test kits surprised them that one time. What helps to balance the pace of the physical and emotional new you? What is that one tried and tested method to keep the hormones from stop being so teary eyes and bring the calm you felt before you conceived?



For all those nine months (nine point five for many), a woman’s body as well as her original emotional well being goes through a drastic change. From the big breasts, midnight cravings and penguin walk you may want to add more blame to those ugly hormones that changes with every trimester and give you a horrible time. Some days you feel like going on a trek and some days you want to just cuddle inside your quilt and watch re-runs of your all time favorite sitcom. There are mothers (yes, I call all those prego women mothers because from the day you conceive you graduate into a mother who delivers only 9 months later, like a student who gives exams only 1 year later) who cry through all these changes and some jump around in joy. Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling and one should be counting her lucky stars to be able to conceive and be blessed with being able to give birth to a new life yet these changes and phases are disturbing and can result in an emotional upheaval which believe it or not always affects the child inside you. It reflects in your child’s behavior once they grow up.

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At this point of time if you want to create a happy pregnancy time or build an emotionally balanced aura for the tiny one growing inside you, meditation is what helps the most. Listening to some chants or reciting ‘om’ can bring in so much of positivity inside the mother and keeps your wavering mind light and strong. You can feel yourself connected to the child growing inside you while meditating. Meditation need not be like what the sages do, you do not need to go sit on a tiny rock and close your eyes to look within until tiny insects start crawling in your hair. That never happens… especially not for the preggers who need a pee break every few minutes. She can’t sit through a movie… how do you expect her to sit and meditate?

Well, to begin with let’s sit by an open window early in the morning and just listen to the birds chirp, drink a glass of water and close your eyes and do a simple inhale exhale exercise. Simple ehh?? Yes it’s this simple. Let the thoughts pour in if they want to. Don’t force your inner self to keep quiet and concentrate on meditation. The thoughts will come and go. The frequency will decrease day by day. The water will cool down your body and the open window and fresh air will relax your brain muscles. To keep the thoughts at bay you may want to try listening to some soothing music or a song that makes you happy. A lot of mothers prefer to meditate over a religious bhajan that’s composed over soft instrumental music. If you ask me, I used to listen to Garbhraksha during my morning walk, Beethoven and dolphin voices after lunch and a few of my favorite songs before bedtime.

Once you get acquainted with your inner self you will be able to feel those tiny little fingers and legs moving inside. Connecting its peanut size heart and your fist size one is what meditation supervises. When you start meditating even two minutes will seem long but with time you would be able to increase the small prep talk with your soul and may no longer need the early morning breeze and chirping of birds. You may want to wake up one last time and thank them and take that assumed asana to other places; like while commuting to your gynecologist for the routine check-up (of course you should not be the one driving), or at your work place while taking a tea break (you may have to shorten the water filter gossip for this) and unwinding yourself after returning from work. A few quick moments with the baby and letting him/her know you thought of them and missed them all this time will make you sleep better.

Mommy’s tip: wear something really comfortable, tie your hair into a lose ponytail and try sitting on the floor cross legged.

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