Meeti’s Birth Story: Unforgettable 15 hours

It was 6th of august wen my internal check up was due. I was soo nervous about it that i decided to have some fun d previous day me and harshit (My hubby n partner in crime) went for a long drive n a dinner date. I was at my moms place but dat day decided to spend a night at my in laws place with harshit. Don’t know why i was behaving as it was not just an internal check up d next day but my D-day only!!

The next morning we reached the clinic and as per routine the internal check up took place. I was nervous n feet were cold as was very scared, more scared to see the labour room! Though i had been told by Deepal at P101 panchvati to just keep on breathing in n out during the check up.

Though i never experienced such pain before but I could hold it so well that even my doc was surprised to see me supporting d process so well. She just smiled n said to come to her clinic and everything was very good. I was relieved n just went to my room.

I was in my 37th week by the way. Something started leaking d moment i entered doc’s clinic. I saw down and it was some whitish liquid just pouring down. If i would have not attended P101’s informative classes i would have never got it immediately that it was my “water had broken”. My doc was also shocked n we all rushed once again to the labour room to confirm that it was that only. Harshit & my mom were like clueless as everyone was just rushing from here to there. And yes it was what we water had broken so i was hospitalized at 11:00 AM.

My hospital bag came in and i just got into my gown and i could actually not believe a lil baby would be in my hands in few hours. But It’s real process was yet to start…it was 4:00 PM n my pain didn’t start off..d water gush was too heavy..Harshit called Deepal to inform n she gave her last minute tips.

At 4:15 day took me to labour room again n put some gel down there which kicked off my pain. Ohh god! That pain was so sharp that my back n my entire lower half started paining. After reaching to my room i could not control but yell at everyone there. The pain was coming n going…wasn’t constant. It was all so so messy, the water break, it even started bleeding at around 6-30 n i was continuously puking! The only words that used to give me strength was of Deepal who had taught us again n again to be lil patient n just keep calm come what the situation may. Harshit n my mom were constantly with me n i could see that they were feeling helpless too. Deepal was on constant connect with harshit. I was in immense pain n i was now losing my patience, strength n mind fullness as it was already 12 hrs i was in pain, yes it was 11 PM n every team and nurse used to come to check me up used to say only three words “pain is not enough” ! N den i wanted to kick all of dem up as i was tired n frustrated..

I had given up already n was pleading for a c- section to my mom dad n harshit. My hands n my mom’s hand had my nail mark all over. I was literally joining my hands in front of dem for a c-sec n that i could bear any of it now.

My gynec came at around 12-30 n checked me and i told her also to do a c- sec of which she smiled and said “if i listen to all of you then i will carry on only c-sec n cutting stomachs. There is no need of a c- sec, u r going to deliver normally, just keep on breathing deep in and out, d baby would be out till 6:00(AM)”! N dat last digit.. SIX took all my left over patience n strength too…I just wanted to remember her sweet smile and her encouraging words..

Nurses came in and put a drip inside me. It was 1:00 AM already. They had given me Petocin now. My gynec had called everyone to her cabin which included my parents my in laws n harshit as well. She explained them d entire process of giving birth n in what stage i was in, so that they also get some strength n not think about a c-sec anymore. I was tired by now. It was 2:00 AM now..everyone around me was tired too, Infact after hearing that 6:00 AM even they were in shock n had lost their patience.

Suddenly i felt a sudden heat down there n felt as if something was coming…i yelled at harshit but he thought i m just hallucinating n advices me to stay calm..i could literally feel something between my legs and pushed him angrily to go call my mom who just went out. They called nurse n nurse was panicked to see d head coming out. They rushed me to labour room n doc came within no time ( may b she had a space shuttle in no time it was all done. I didn’t even hear a cry..i didn’t even realized it was out..i was just shivering and my eyes shut! Infact my parents & harshit who were out could not believe their ears when they heard a cry that it can happen so soon. I was almost unconscious when the nurse bought a tiny baby wrapped n white cloth all around it n said ” Its a girl”! I could not believe my eyes, something inside me was out n was so pretty n pious.

She came at 2:28 AM but that 15 hours of labour just vanished away when i held her in my arms after reaching my room. Deepal was still in connect with harshit n when he told me that i was spellbound. It was her teachings that helped me a lot and her hard work outs that helped me deliver normally, of course along with my gynec n my husband n mom!

1. Though I was in pain, I could manage it.
2. I wouldn’t do it in any other way.
3. Knowledge from P101 and support from family and doc team matters.

Celebration starts now.

Deepal Chokshi

Child birth educator at Rita's Pregnancy 101 Panchwati centre, Ahmedabad.

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