Megha’s Birth Story: “If I can do it, So can you

10th March: It was a normal routine day for me. I did all the household work. Prepared lunch and went to office. Attended P101 classes in 6 to 7 evening batch Did 100 Squats. Then I went to salon for manicure and hair spa. It was 8 PM and was hungry, so my husband and I had juice and sandwiches. Went to home, had dinner and did the winding up work.

Suddenly at around 11 PM the contractions started. As we attended the labor class in P101 classes, we were informed to time the contractions when they start. I started timing it and at around 12 AM, the contractions were just 5 to 7 minutes apart. We rushed to hospital and woke up the nurse. She called assistant doctor and checked and asked to get admitted. We were told that I would deliver anytime in the morning.

It was already 2 AM. Pains started getting intense. My husband reminded me to do all exercises we learned in labor class. They helped a lot; especially the squat position gave a lot of relief.

After few hours, I started puking and it was like almost every 15 minutes. My husband and my mom were besides me to give me strength. I practiced breathing exercises and that helped me to remain calm and patient. As the vomiting dint stop, I was advised to stop drinking water and they put a drip in the morning. The doctor came and checked and gave Pitocin and it was around 8 AM. I was constantly asking as to how much time more and they said that it will take time. Please be calm.

The pain was getting very intense. My mother in law asked the doctor to do C-Sec, as she was not able to see me in pains. But doctor said that there is no need for that and I would deliver normally. It was around 10 AM and I asked for epidural as I was not able to tolerate the pains. Doctor called for the anaesthetist. He got stuck in traffic and got late. By the time he came, doctor checked and could see the head of the baby.

So they took me to labor room and asked to do a final push but as I was exhausted, they used vacuum to get the baby out. I was given some local anaesthesia so I was almost unconscious. It was around 12 hours of labor but even the all the pain vanished away as soon as the baby was given to me, I started feeding her (thanks to P101 for giving me knowledge on importance of feeding the baby right away) and it was the most happiest feeling.

The day I got the news about my pregnancy, I always dreamed for a healthy and a normal birth. I used to be in office for around 6-8 hours (working on PC) so I was scared by people that, you might have to go for C-Sec due to such a lifestyle. But I always remained positive and when I joined P101, I started getting confident about my dream. I really want to thank Geeta di for always been helpful and sharing lot of information. It made the entire journey of pregnancy very wonderful.

A special thanks to P101 and Geeta di for helping me to achieve my dream.

PS. One advice from my experience: It may feel like you want to opt for C-section or take pain killers (Epidural), but trust me you can go through it without any of it. If i can do it, you also can. Just hang in there, pass the time and before you know baby will be in your arms.

Geeta Solanki

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