Mid-Pregnancy The World Was Struck With The Pandemic Crisis

Ever since I conceived, I was looking for prenatal classes in Ahmedabad and I found the perfect match for me in Rita’s pregnancy 101. Being new to everything, the encouragement that my instructor Nikita provided was priceless.
Mid-pregnancy the World was struck with the pandemic crisis and lockdown began.

In no time, Nikita and Rita started classes online and helped us through the most anxious and scary time.
They not only planned expert sessions for us but also remained creative.

Nikita was very compassionate, gave personal attention to health, debunked all myths and made it all smoother. Her encouragement motivated me towards normal birthing. We devised a detailed birth plan. On the day of labour, I was well informed and knew exactly what stage was going on and what I had to do; that I was the one calming others. During labour, their prescribed positive affirmations helped me push through and their methods gave much relief from pain.

As soon as the miraculous first cry was heard, I hugged my baby and fed him because P101 showed me how important this step was. It allowed me to exclusively breastfeed my baby for 6 whole months which wasn’t always a piece of cake. I could even massage and bathe him myself for months during Covid.

Nikita’s baby care sessions made it easier to breastfeed and care for my baby in the best possible way.
Rita’s Book on Breastfeeding and weaning recipes is immensely useful.

Thank you Nikita, Rita and P101 for this extraordinary experience!

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Nikita Panchal

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