More Than A Birth Story I’m Sharing My Pregnancy Journey

Hello everyone! More than a birth story I’m sharing my pregnancy journey.

Due to some medical history, I was told in third month itself that I wouldn’t have a normal delivery. It was a planned c-section so no dramatic story on that front.

I met Neeru ma’am through Seema ma’am. Seema ma’am wanted me to meditate and just do breathing exercises but I thought of joining for entire regime and I must say I felt less pains during pregnancy days than my non-pregnant life. My baby got so used to ma’am’s voice that he used to get hyperactive during class time. I never meditated in my life but I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact in the last two meditation classes that I attended my baby was so active that I feared I might have to go to the hospital after class. 🙈😋

Having someone assorted and knowledgeable and as calm as ma’am is such a relief!

Thanks to the information class one feels confident about handling a baby. It helps a great deal to filter innumerable suggestions that people give. The chants during meditation, the affirmations we say out loud, the hugs we give our babies, have such an affect which is difficult to put in words.

Pregnancy is a time full of apprehensions and fears but neeru ma’am makes it smooth and enjoyable.
Having a company of fellow mommies-to-be makes you feel that you’re not alone, there are mommies experiencing similar pains, troubles and problems which somehow is mentally relieving.

All in all I would say that pregnancy is a journey in itself and Neeru ma’am made that journey enjoyable.
Pregnancy 101 classes also helped me connect with Saanchi di again after college who too, always guided me and answered my queries. I also found my long-lost school friend Pallavi.

Thank you to all the mommies for being a part of this journey and all the warm wishes. I can easily say that with ma’am you’re all in safe hands.

And of course a big big thank you to Neeru ma’am for everything. It has been a pleasure to know you. I will always cherish my prenatal class memories. Thank you 🙏

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Neeru Verma

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