Movie review – “What to expect when you are expecting”

Movie review – “What to expect when you are expecting”
Movie released – 2012
Type – Drama/Romance
Duration – 1h 50m

• Cameron Diaz. as Jules.
• Matthew J. Morrison. as Evan.
• Jennifer Lopez. as Holly.
• Elizabeth Banks. as Wendy.
• Anna Kendrick. as Rosie.
• Brooklyn Decker. as Skyler.
• Dennis Quaid. as Ramsey.
• Chace Crawford. as Marco.

What to expect when you are expecting

A girl in one of the session at Rita’s Pregnancy 101 asked me what Pregnancy related movie to watch with husbands to make them ready for their Pregnancy and the baby.

Someone from the group answered ” what to expect when you expecting”.

As I heard this it drifted me to the movie.

How the movie helps us understand in its small points what pregnant females may be going through by telling the story of 5 different couples.

Things to learn are

1) Every female body is different. One may feel fantastic and other may feel horrible during the same phase. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love the baby, it’s just that her hormones are working in different way so never compare.

2) ‎Not all husbands are ready for the baby till he/she arrives and reality checks in it takes time for the husband’s to adjust to the third person in their life. May take time but eventually they get the hang of it and trust me they love it.

3) Mishaps can happen in any Pregnancy time always will give u another chance and if not they are many babies in the world who can use a set of parents.

4) This one is my favorite What you do thru your pregnancy, your fitness levels before that and your frame of mind matters a lot in the labor room.

A calm body will help the baby come in calm manner supporting mother’s every move and if mother gets nervous it affects the baby too, Remember if u have reached calmly till labor room you will push the baby out with ease.

P.S: Staying active or exercising during pregnancy matters a lot.

So all the pregnant coupled out there. Do watch the movie and think of the above lessons to be learnt from the same.

It is not necessary that the journey of birth of human being is always rosy bed but take the experience and trust me you will savor it for the rest of the life as you see the miracle (your baby) in front of you every day.

With this note and don’t forget to write your experience about movie in comment below.

What to expect when you are expecting

Deepal Chokshi

Child birth educator at Rita's Pregnancy 101 Panchwati centre, Ahmedabad.

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