My Cervical Dilatation Was 6cm-7cm And I Barely Experienced Any Pain Or Cramps

I joined online prenatal exercise classes with Dhwani ma’am when I was 6 months pregnant. It was a great experience learning pregnancy exercises and yoga postures. They helped me stay fit and active till the day of delivery. On the day of the delivery I did 100 squats, climbed 80 stairs and continued with my routine tasks. Even my gynaecologist was happy to see that my cervical dilatation was 6cm-7cm and I barely experienced any pain or cramps. And with God’s grace I delivered a healthy baby girl weighing 3.220 kg within 3 hours of active labour 😄☺️.

I am very thankful to Dhwani and Rita ma’am for teaching me pregnancy exercises, always keeping the class always lively 😄, sharing pregnancy related information and other gossip too 😉😉. Thank you Dhwani ma’am for always being there for me!

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Dhwani Gandhi

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