My Cervix Had Only Dilated 30% After 15 Hours of Labour

By 16th July I had already completed 37 weeks and went to the doctor for a routine weekly check-up. He had just finished guiding me regarding labor. And on the very night which was the 17th of July early morning at 1:30 my water broke and I had to go to the hospital. The doctor advised that we can wait for 24 hours before we take a call regarding c-section till then we will do our best to reach normal delivery. Till 7:30am I didn’t have proper contractions. The exercises that Bhavna taught helped me stay positive and calm.

I did my breathing exercises and walking. I was given medicine for inducing pain. At around 11am contractions started and the entire three months that I practiced exercises with Bhavna helped me bear the pain. Till 5pm I was in labor but my cervix had only dilated 30%. Another thing was that baby’s head wasn’t set and the cervix axis was not in line with the baby’s head so finally, at 5 pm we took a call to go for a c-section. Even post c-section, I was able to gain back strength all thanks to Bhavna’s guidance pre-delivery and I really feel it has 100 percent to do with my recovery. In a day l was able to walk. Thank you for such dedication and guidance. 😍

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Bhawna Baid

Bhawna Baid is a certified hath yoga, power yoga, and Pilates trainer. Bhawna is passionate and enthusiastic about her work. Her charm and soothing approach help everyone to avoid anxiety and stress. She further enriched herself in post-natal program nurturing new moms physically as well as mentally.

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