My Contraction Intervals Were Haphazard

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My contractions started exactly on my due date at around 12am. I had dimmed the lights of my room and did exercises on the birthing balls to cope up with the contractions. I applied Clary sage oil on my pulse points and drank lots of water. I also performed malasana frequently. The gaps between the contractions were haphazard; ranging from 2 mins to 20 mins. This went on up to 5am after which the contractions were 25 mins apart. As there was no set regular pattern of my contractions my doctor advised me to visit her clinic at 10am. Meanwhile, I almost slept from 630am to 10am and contractions were 25 mins apart.

At 11am, my doctor inspected and informed me that I was already 6cm dilated! By 1pm I was 7cm dilated. However, there was no increase in dilation after 7cms despite AROM done at 3pm. At 5pm, the doctor induced me with Pitocin to help me progress with labour. I continued with birthing ball exercises and drank lots of water. By 9pm I gave up and requested a doctor for an epidural as my dilation had stopped at 7cm despite the Pitocin and contractions were unbearable. At 10pm, an epidural was administered and I was 9cm dilated by 11pm and had an urge to push.

I tried hard pushing in various positions like standing and squatting but to no avail. I just had no energy left for it. Finally, the doctor used vaccum to pull the baby out and my girl was born at 1am next day.

Me and my husband were in constant touch with Ms. Nikita Panchal from 5am on 14th June until the birth on 15th. We are immensely grateful for her generous spirit, infinite patience, and sheer professionalism.

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Nikita Panchal

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