My Entire Labour Was Merely 3 Hours!

I am a first time mom and like most others I wasn’t sure what to expect through pregnancy and labour. I was fortunate to get in touch with Bhawna Ma’am in my second trimester and there on I got started with prenatal exercise classes via Zoom. She accommodated to our time zones and I had a very comfortable schedule thanks to her. I attended the classes throughout my pregnancy and it truly helped me stay active and energised. Although I practiced yoga earlier for a bit, looking back I was definitely less flexible and these classes truly helped me gain confidence to face the upcoming labour.

When I was close to my due date, like everyone else, I started contemplating what it’ll be like and all the ‘what-if’s’ that could possibly be. About 2 weeks in advance of my due date, when I was using the restroom in the middle of the night around 3 am, I heard a balloon popping sound from my tummy:) and I anxiously called my doctor. She asked me to monitor for any pains. In about 15 mins from then, my contractions started. But I was unsure if those were contractions because they weren’t spaced regularly like the theory we went through in the information classes. It was hard to take it, so I kept walking up and down and sat on the birth ball as it comforted me. I assumed this was early labour and as a first time mom I heard that early labour lasts for at least about 5 hours on a minimum. Keeping that in mind, I called my doctor again in 20 mins for reassurance and I told her it was getting a lot more painful.

She asked me to come to the hospital. As I was getting ready to leave to the hospital, I started feeling the urge to push. The hospital was about 15 mins from home and I was on my way. It was about 6 in the morning by the time I was in the hands of the doctor and I was fully dilated. By then things started seeming surreal. Just a couple of hours back I was in the bed debating whether these were false contractions or early labour. In a couple of pushes from then, my little bundle of joy was in my hands and I was finding it hard to believe what was going on. Although it was a quick labour, the pain was inevitable:). With no doubt, I can say that I owe it the amazing exercises and yoga. It truly helped the body work and react naturally and I could deliver without any inductions or epidural.

I can’t thank you enough Bhawna Ma’am, you have made a world of difference to this journey. Your classes are great and you have been truly sincere in noticing any mistakes that we make and that has helped me learn and practice more effectively. It couldn’t have happened without your support throughout. Truly grateful to Rita’s Pregnancy 101!

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Bhawna Baid

Bhawna Baid is a certified hath yoga, power yoga, and Pilates trainer. Bhawna is passionate and enthusiastic about her work. Her charm and soothing approach help everyone to avoid anxiety and stress. She further enriched herself in post-natal program nurturing new moms physically as well as mentally.

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