Myths related to diet during Pregnancy

One of the most caring and concern phase comes to a woman is at the time of pregnancy. But the difficulty and dilemma start when it comes to food.

What to eat and what not to? It has attracted plenty of well advice from family members and friends. Books, magazines and even the internet have plenty of advice.

But I am here to tell you something that has personally applied for me and my journey of pregnancy. I truly and deeply believe in the roots of Ayurveda and our old Indian tradition. Let us have a look at some common myths and its amazing solution.

1.Ginger: Ginger is heaty, could not take before the 9th month of pregnancy.

Pregnancy brings a lot of dilemmas for eating and drinking. The most common one is the consumption of Ginger. It is safe to have ginger in pregnancy. Ginger helps in avoiding nausea or morning sickness in the first trimester and even builds our immune system strong during this time. Nearly 1 to 2 gm of ginger can be consumed. An increased amount of ginger in your diet can lead to menstrual bleeding or miscarriage. So the key is,’Take the right amount.’

2. Pickle: Pickle is not good during pregnancy.

Pickle is one of the most mouth-watering food liked by every female. During the pregnancy, the craving increases more due to its spicy and sour taste. It contains good bacteria that help to reduce bloating and improve vitamin B12 and D level, which is even more essential at the time of pregnancy.

Eating pickle has to be at a right-approach and right-time. Homemade pickle is most advisable during the time of pregnancy.

Ready-made pickle is not recommended due to high salt (sodium) and oil, which increases BP, can damage kidneys and other organs. Just ask your mummy or grandmother to prepare your favorite pickle for a healthy and safer pregnancy and baby’s growth.

3.Mango: Mango is harmful in pregnancy.

It is a common myth that mangoes are harmful during pregnancy. When summer comes, and many preggers have one same question: ”Am I allowed to eat mangoes in my pregnancy?” Mango is summer fruit, and you are allowed to eat during pregnancy.

Mangoes are a great addition to the pregnancy diet, it makes your ”Pregnancy Glow” with lots of Vitamin A, C, B6, and Iron. It’s full of energy. It also contains folic acid, potassium, fiber, which are vital needs of pregnancy. It also contains natural sweetness, so use it to fulfill your cravings related to sweets instead of taking cakes, cookies, chocolates, and artificial sugar.

As we talk about Ayurveda, It is believed that mangoes balance all the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and cough) and acts as an energizer.

While mangos are safe during pregnancy, what makes it dangerous is the chemicals used to ripen it. Try to buy organic or You make sure to wash thoroughly to rinse off the chemicals. The best way to use mangoes during pregnancy is to Soak mangoes in water for 2 hours before using it. That will remove all chemicals from mangoes. If possible then buy unripe mangoes from the market or from farms and ripen later at your to make them chemical-free.

Now I guess it clears ideas about these foods to take during pregnancy. A healthy pregnancy also achieved by taking foods in variety and in moderation. Do not to stick on one particular thing or food. Variety. Stay healthy and fit. Wishing you a safe pregnancy and have a healthy baby!!!! Learn more about pregnancy & baby care related information and pregnancy classes visit our website Rita’s Pregnancy 101.

Good luck to all !!!

Mitushi Makwana

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