Know more about Neonatal Jaundice

Congratulations dear parents on arrival of your precious bundle of joy.
Newborn jaundice is a physiological (normal) event seen in almost all newborns

Why do babies get jaundice?
Babies get jaundice due to immature liver which can’t handle the load of Bilirubin(a yellow substance produced when old red cells die.)

How will you know that your baby has jaundice?
On 2nd or 3rd day you will notice that baby’s skin &eyes are yellow .this is called jaundice.

How do you treat this jaundice?
Most babies don’t need any have to breastfeed them more frequently 10-12 feeds per day to increase their stool output as the bilirubin gets excreted in stools. Always consult your know the severity of jaundice.

In which conditions can the jaundice get severe?
When mother has negative and baby has positive blood group.
When mother has ‘O’ group and baby has ‘A’ or ‘B’ group.
Preterm and low birth weight babies are at more risk
When baby  has infection and sepsis.
During delivery if  blood clots below baby’s scalp ,then the jaundice is more.
Babies having underlying blood or liver disorders or other metabolic disorders .

Jaundice in Child

What treatment is given and when?
Treatment is given to babies in form of phototherapy ,
If the blood bilirubin is higher than the limit allowed  in newborns,
If the rise of bilirubin is too fast
High bilirubin with underlying diseases.
Phototherapy Treatment :baby is kept under lights with their eyes &genitals covered .these light rays help to break down the bilirubin in the skin &help to reduce the levels.
Child needs the therapy till the bilirubin comes below the danger mark.


What are the harmful effects of very high jaundice if left untreated.
High levels of bilirubin can damage the nerves of the brain &cause kernicterus. Baby may become deaf and severely handicapped( cerebral palsy)

Can we prevent newborn jaundice?
No we cannot prevent it but we can definitely prevent it from reaching dangerous levels by feeding the baby well and giving timely phototherapy when needed.

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