Oral Health during pregnancy

We at Rita’s Pregnancy 101 had organized a ‘Dental Check-up’ Camp for pregnant women. Dr. Rinal Shah from Pristine Dental Studio took a small presentation on ‘Oral care during pregnancy’ and checked oral health of every pregnant lady individually. She had some good tips to share in the session which can be useful to all pregnant female.

Dr. Rinal says ‘Oral health is the most neglected part in the pregnancy. It is as important as any other part in the body’.

Dental care

Few things about oral health to take care of during pregnancy.

1. Keep your mouth clean by brushing & flossing twice a day.
2. Gingival bleeding (gum bleeding) is very common during pregnancy.

  • It can be due to hormonal changes. Just with a normal cleaning procedure, it can be cured so should not avoid it.

3. Other oral condition is dry mouth which can lead to halitosis. To avoid that

  • A  pregnant women should keep herself hydrated with at least 3 ltrs of water.

4. Many of dental issues can be treated during pregnancy if they are diagnosed at earlier stage. So any kind of dental pain\discomfort should be addressed.

5. A pregnant woman should visit the dentist at least once in the gestation period.2nd trimester is the best time to proceed for any treatment which is required.

6. A women who’s suffering from severe vomiting during her gestation period, chances of tooth erosion increases. So it is advisable to clean her mouth with a mouthwash & brushing after vomiting.

Rita’s Pregnancy 101 PREGNANCY & ORAL HEALTH

If simple basic oral hygiene tips are followed, major dental Condition can be avoided.

Rita Singha

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