Palak’s Birth Story: Baby was ready to come to momma

It was 1st November when I had lost my mucus plug and knew I could go into labor at any time. But knowing this was my first pregnancy and according to the doctor there was a lot of time before I could deliver but to my surprise on 2nd November morning, I started having light cramping. I ignored it thinking its braxton kicks in the afternoon the pain then disappeared. So, I thought May it was a false alarm.

Late night the same day my contraction started and they were quite intense and lasted for about 45 sec and 2 min apart. At 1:15 am 3 rd November. I woke my mom and told her looks like I am having my contractions…so we decided to leave for the hospital as the contraction were not too far apart. After reaching the hospital they checked internally for the position of the baby and yes the baby was ready to come to momma. So, then they asked me to lie down and the doctor broke my water bag and after that, the contraction was even more intense.

They were only a few secs apart and within no time at 4:16 am 3rd Nov my lill rose was welcomed to this world. The joy of seeing your lill one is beyond all the pain a mother goes through while delivering. I experienced the same. I forgot all my pain when I saw my lill one.

Thank you Geeta di and pregnancy 101 for all the guidance. I actually enjoyed giving birth because of you.

Geeta Solanki

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