Pregnant Women Friendly Uttarayan Makar Sankrati Celebration

Uttarayan is celebrated in most parts of India. It’s hard not to go up on terrace on Makar Sakrant day. But your priorities are little different this year. Learn to love what you have rather than worrying about what you don’t… You are very lucky that you are either pregnant or a parent and it is your utmost duty to take good care of yourself and your baby.

Tips for Moms to be:

  • Cover yourself with sun screen to protect your skin
  • Wear a cap or scarf over your head to protect your hair
  • Light colour clothes are much preferred in the sun
  • Drink plenty of fluids (Mainly water) to overcome dehydration
  • Avoid spicy and fried food
  • Avoid sugary chikki, and don’t over eat jaggery chikky
  • This year it’s time for you to just chill, fly only one or two kites to satisfy your passion.
  • Chinese thread can be dangerous. It should not strikes you on throat or belly
  • Be aware of lanterns, at time it can spread fire
  • Be careful in climbing up and down the stairs of terrace
  • Strings can be stuck anywhere on terrace or on road, watch each step moving ahead

Tips for Babies:

  • Babies ears are very delicate, don’t expose them to loud sounds on terrace
  • Apply sun screen
  • Cover his/her body as much as you can to prevent sun burns and cold
  • Don’t expose your child to direct sun light, can be too bright to handle for a baby’s eyes.
  • Breast feed baby on time. Don’t feed formula for you to spend more time on terrace.
  • Cover the baby with mosquito net to prevent any insect bites and string cuts
  • Protect your baby from any other elder kid from taking him/her near the edge of the terrace.
  • If your child has learnt to run around, be with the child all the time to prevent any accidents, OR wear your baby (with the help of baby carriers or slings)
  • In case child has learnt to put anything in mouth, don’t keep any unfriendly food items or objects which can cause harm

Rita’s Pregnancy 101 wishes you all a very happy and safe Uttarayan….


Rita Singha

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