Pros and Cons of C-sec and Normal Delivery

There is a lot that is been talked or written or printed about Normal/vaginal delivery versus Surgery/C-sec. In general, we all know that vaginal delivery is anytime a better option compared to surgery. But we also know that in reality, the surgery cases are on an all-time rise. Let’s look into the possible benefits and risks attached to both.

Vaginal Delivery:

• This is the most natural way to birth the baby.
• Women’s body is naturally equipped to a delivery baby vaginally
• The recovery post-birth is faster compared to C-sec
• The baby acquires healthy germs from the birth canal during the delivery which helps to boost their
lifelong immunity
• When the baby passes through the birth canal, it squeezes the amniotic fluid from the lungs which helps to take the first breath. It’s a natural process
• Babies born normally have shown to regulate the body temp on their own and breastfed sooner.
• Unlike surgery, after normal delivery, the baby can be given to the mother immediately post-birth for the skin to skin contact which has ample of advantages.
• Breastfeeding can be initiated within half an hour of birth unlike in C-sec.
• New mom can resume regular routine within 7-10 days
• New mom can start with regular postnatal exercises within 2-3 weeks post-birth, whereas Cesarean stitches can take up to 6-8 weeks for complete healing.

• If there is a cord compressed around the neck, the baby might face the problem of oxygen deprivation
• If it is an assisted birth where either Vaccum or forcep is used, the baby may experience physical trauma including swelling or bruising
• There is a risk of perineum tearing from vaginal delivery. If it’s a bigger tear, healing can take longer.
• Most of the normal deliveries are uncomplicated but at times unforeseen circumstances can lead to emergency surgery.

Cesarean Section/Surgery:

• Women may have less stress and anxiety if it’s a planned surgery, can be more mentally strong.
• If a woman has STD or any such infections like herpes, HIV, hepatitis etc, then the baby is less likely to be affected if it’s a surgery
• Women may be more at ease if it’s a planned surgery as they can pre-plan the work leave, baby’s nursery etc.
• Planned surgery may reduce the risks of heavy bleeding and injury to vagina post-birth.

• It’s major abdominal surgery, carries serious risks.
• It is quite painful and uncomfortable to move around for a few days
• Recovery takes longer compared to natural birth
• Women may not be able to be active or start any postnatal exercise routine for almost 6-8 weeks.
• Breastfeeding suffers as the new mom cannot easily move due to surgery stitches.
• Research has shown that women who have had surgery are at a higher risk of postpartum depression compared to that of normal delivery.
• VBAC – Vaginal delivery after c-sec, chances of normal after previous surgery is almost negligible due to 4 percent chances of uterine rupture. Hence any couple who wish to have a large family (more than 2 kids), will have to think twice.
• Surgeries are usually expensive compared to natural birth due to time and efforts plus the medicines involved. Also, the hospital stay in C-sec is longer compared to Normal delivery

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