Protein and pregnancy for vegetarians

Have you ever wondered why doctors prescribe protein powders to expectant mothers and not Carbohydrate or fat Powders????

Everyone takes it because doctor has prescribed it… let’s know why.

Protein, one of the Major nutrients required in human body. It serves as a building block for the growth of body tissues during pregnancy care. Protein is required to meet the needs in following manner.

Development of Placenta: A mature placenta requires sufficient protein for its complete development.

Growth of the Foetus: From just 1 cell to 1 million cell growth requires large amount of protein.

Growth of maternal tissues: Protein required for development of uterine and breast tissue.

Amniotic Fluid: Contains various proteins which surrounds the foetus during its growth.

The above are some of the main reasons of more protein requirement during pregnancy…however the question is how much more is required.

pregnancy for vegetarians

Normal protein requirements for vegetarian female is 1 gram per body weight and during Pregnancy it 25 grams extra per day…… so if a female weighs 50kgs, normally she would require 50 grams but during pregnancy she will requires 75 grams protein per day.

The question now comes HOW DO WE GET IT.

The nine amino acids which form a complete protein has to be ingested from outside as body cannot make it… Let’s look at the vegetarian sources easily available to us.

1) All dairy Products (Milk, Curd, Panner,Proccessed Cheese)
2) Soya and its Products
3) Assorted nuts
4) Mix of certain Cereals and pulses like Rice-dal, Khichdi, Rajmah –Chawal etc.

Very important to note is to consume adequate amount of Food rich in Vitamin B’s for complete absorption of proteins… which we take in if we have platter full of balanced diet of all colorful and seasonal fruits and vegetables available in the market.

So now that we know a little extra about nutrients during pregnancy let’s start to eat in right proportion and enjoy this amazing time for nourishing oneself and the baby.

Happy Eating!!!!!!

Deepal Chokshi

Child birth educator at Rita's Pregnancy 101 Panchwati centre, Ahmedabad.

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