Remaining Active During Pregnancy Helps Recover Faster Postpartum in Any Method of Child Birth

From the day I recieved the news of my pregnancy, I wished for normal birth. I motivated myself to remain strong and positive during my child birth. As months passed by the lockdown occurred. So I joined online yoga classes with Rita Singha. It was one more step to stay fit and active which would help me deliver normally. In fact, it helps recover faster after child birth. It helped me in more than one way. The position of my baby was Cephalic (appropriate for a vaginal birth). As my due date was approaching the pandemic was at its peak. It was really scary to even visit the gynaecologist. During my 39th week visit my doctor said to me that inspite of everything being in favour of vaginal birth she would not recommend or perform so.

Because vaginal birth takes longer hours and social distancing would be difficult to maintain. She said that she would birth my baby only through c-section. I was asked to go to a different hospital in case I experienced labour pain. I was adamant regarding the other hospital as it had the Corona ward in the same premises. So I agreed for a cesarean birth after hours of discussion with my family. After getting the covid test done, I reported the results to my doc. I also told my doctor that I would wish to deliver the next morning itself. In less than 12 hours my little baby would be in this beautiful world. This made me excited and I left back the feeling of hopelessness of not being able to delivery normally. On the 30th July, 2020 I got admitted at 6:30 a.m.

I was taken to the operation ward at 8 a.m. I waved to my husband while going in the ward with a smile. It was a surgery which would otherwise scare me, but the thought that my baby is going to be with us in a few minutes made me more happier. At 8:14 a.m I heard the doc say “See Shreena, its a boy!”

This was the most joyous moment of my life. Happy tears rolled down my cheeks. Also because we decided a day prior about the cesarean delivery, two names were fixed as per the raashi, one for a boy and one for a girl. I named him as soon as he was born – Nivaan, my son.

I realised that whichever method you use to give birth to your baby, its the most beautiful moment once the baby is in your arms.

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Rita Singha

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