SMEEHA’s Birth Story: How I managed Labour Pain

Stay focussed yet distracted, that’s how I will sum up my labor and delivery! As guided by Neeru mam I decided to distract myself from pain & stay focussed on the beautiful end. During pains I played cards, took walk outside my room, changed positions & beds with my attendants, ate chocolates, and watched IPL.

SMEEHA’s Birth StoryEvery time contraction started I looked at the clock to count 45 seconds and breathe until over. Neither did I scream nor cry, so much so that my family thought I’m not having enough pains had informed the hospital staff & family that cesarean is not even an option!!

When “the” time came I recalled that we have to push when we feel the urge & not when instructed. I got the urge and my baby out in the first push even during stitches I kept interacting with the doctor to keep my mind diverted. Came out of labor room smiling These tricks not only helped me sail through my first delivery but I told my gynae that I’ll soon be back for my second delivery Guess that sums up my learning from Rita’s pregnancy 101 and its effects.

Thank you Neeru mam for beautifully sailing me through my toughest phase.
Warm regards
Smeeha & Ibadat

Neeru Verma

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