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Stem cells are the basic cells of our body. It is also known as miracle cells as these cells can generate in 200 types of tissue and blood cells like RBCs, Platelets, WBCs, heart tissue, lung tissues , liver tissues and many more.

Stem Cell Banking: Facts, Misconceptions & Realities

Stem Cell Banking: Facts, Misconceptions & Realities

By the way of introduction – I am Dhwani Gandhi working as a child birth educator at a Rita’s Pregnancy 101 and I am also having 8 years of extensive experience in one of the leading stem cell banks where I have worked as a manager.

Now, let’s have a look at the most significant question that most of the parents usually come across, but still not able to decide whether to go for stem cells banking or not?

So, let me give you a detailed and precise understanding about the Stem Cells Banking.

  • Stem cells are used to cure more than 85 diseases – most commonly it is used in blood related disease like blood cancer and thalassemia.  This stem cell is also be used to cure diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, burn, Alzheimer , Parkinson disease and many more. However, there is no certain time period for its cure because it could be cured in 5 years or it may also take 25 years of the time period.
  • This stem cell is only useful for the same child and sibling. It’s not applicable for any other family member. It can be used for other sibling in case in case if it is matched!!!
  • The stored stem cell is only one time for the treatment purpose as there will be not much stemming cell available in cord blood. Its reuse is not possible or applicable for this process. However, in case of cord lining multiplication it is possible, but how much it will cost cannot ne estimated.
  • The cost of transplantation is around 10 to 12 lacs rupees along with the other cost. Certain companies are now claiming that they are giving the transplantation cost but you have to go through the agreement as there are certain **** terms and conditions.

However, nowadays there are so many companies available. If you are looking for the right one to suit your needs, then all you are required to do is make sure about the technology used in storing the stem cell, multiple storage options, the cost of transportation of the stem cell, cost of matching the stem cell and other cost, where they have used their store cells for the treatment purpose, financial stability of the company and most importantly give detailed attention to the Agreement.

So I would only like you to go for stem cells banking if you are financially stable and able to spend a huge amount of money for the stem cell transplant and have the family history of disease.

Dhwani Gandhi

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