Swati’s Birth Story: Swati and her husband’s birthing tips

Yes, there is pain involved in normal delivery, but once it is done, your recovery is like a breeze. Also, you can take better care of your baby soon and breastfeed well:)

But that is only possible, if we do exercises and walk throughout. All the best 🙂 Big Hugs to Neeru Ma’am 🙂 – Swati

Notes by the husband who is editing this: My role was absolutely nothing as compared to what Swati went through to get our bachu here. Some pointers from my side, as I could observe things from a different vantage point:

1. Bring a teeth guard to the labour room. You’re gonna be clenching your teeth VERY hard, and then you jaw is gonna hurt a lot afterward. Prevent damage to your teeth. (Swati can help you in this. She’s a dentist)

2. Keep drinking 1-2 sips of water during every interval of contractions.

3. Don’t eat/drink any spicy or sour/tangy things during or immediately before labour. Otherwise, your throat will hurt afterwards.

4. Get your husbands or close family member in the labour room during the whole process. You’re gonna need someone there to give you assurance and confidence to get the job done. Best of luck 🙂

This journey was not possible without constant support and guidance from Neeru Verma ma’am & and P101 (Rita’s Pregnancy 101).

Neeru Verma

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