This Energy and Strength Helped me a lot during my Labor to push my Baby Out

I joined the class in my 5th month. Even though I joined the class because I wanted to, I was apprehensive about exercising during pregnancy. But, during class Rita gave me all her attention and taught me how to exercise correctly despite the conduct being online. Within one month I learned all of the exercises and felt confident.

There were 3 exercise pattens that she conducted every week and 1 spiritual session. I never found it monotonous to perform the same exercises. I was able to bring about several positive changes after I made the promises during the spiritual sessions I especially liked Sumo squats because it helped me to increase my overall strength more focused on my thighs muscle strength. This energy and strength helped me a lot during labor. I did these exercises on weekends as well till the day before my delivery. I started with duck walking at my 37th week.

My husband and I attended Rita’s labor sessions which helped alot.  On 7th Jan, in the morning my water broke but we were aware of how to handle the situation. We didn’t rush for the hospital, we had our breakfast and then left for the hospital. Both of us were very calm. The doctor induced my labor pain. My husband was prepared due to the labor sessions and was there with me the whole time as my support. And, we successfully delivered our baby boy on the 7th evening. Exercises helped me a lot during my pregnancy and normal delivery.

Thank you ma’am for all the support and for running P101 online🙂

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Rita Singha

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