We Spent 24 Hours at Home During Early Phase of Labor

All 9 months of my pregnancy journey were smooth. By God’s grace I did not have any minor or major issues. Also it is said that mommies go through lots of mood swings, but I did not get much of a chance to experience this. The only thing that I was worried about was that I was really busy at work due to which I was not able to give much time to me and my baby but it was managed.

My due date was the 25th of March, I started getting contractions on the 22nd of March at around 7am in the morning and I was able to bear the contractions for an entire day which did not appear to me as false contractions since it was recurring every 7 to 8 minutes till the end of the day. But at night the contractions were a little more intense but still was able to bear the pain till 4am on the 23rd of March.

After which we decided to go to the hospital because it had been more than 24 hrs. We reached hospital at around 5am where the nurse monitored me and found out that I have passed the early labour phase and I was 3cm dilated, this gave me a little more confidence. After a while hospital and their team started their procedure to induce pains. They also told baby has not descended much so it will take take a little more time. Later, all of my pain was lost for almost 3 hours. Meanwhile, my doctor came and did pelvic examination where she noticed that baby has passed meconium and they had to operate me immediately. I was numb for few minutes because I went through pain for more than a day. But alas my beautiful baby was born!

Thanks a lot Ridhi for all of the guidance and support you have provided to my beautiful journey of being a mother!

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Riddhi Palkhiwala

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